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How To Treat Stress Diseases

Published at 02/10/2012 04:04:51


The perception of stress may vary from person to person. Each person is stressed in a more or less way, but the reasons for this state are complex. There are people for whom stress diseases are caused by the environment in their family or at work. For others, concern of tomorrow or the fear of not being able to finish some projects, actions give rise to such states. When a patient accuses various symptoms on which a doctor cannot make a diagnosis, we believe that he is stressed. Usually, the stress diseases are much easier to prevent than to treat them. Fortunately, for stress diseases there are measures intended to prevent them, such as to avoid polluted environment, to have a balanced diet or to do daily exercises. Some of the stress motives are obvious. If going through a divorce or you lost a loved one, it is absolutely normal to be stressed, but minor problems can be just as effective without you realizing it. Traffic, criticism, and noise can all be stressful. Once you've identified the stressors, you can remove them from your life. When not possible, you can even find ways to reduce stress. You can ask and require help from friends. And if they are really stressful, ask them to change their behavior.


Few know that some plant extracts have the capacity to prevent the installation stress. "I first recommended antioxidant substances. It is administered daily in the form of capsules or tablets and are indicated with so much as they do not gain weight and do not cause adverse effects, "said Dr. Cristina Balanescu. In addition, energy substances also have a significant role in preventing stress diseases. These substances are derived from carrots, clay or soy. They are very effective but also tablets or capsules in compositions having energy substances extracted from carrots, clay or soy. But their management can only be indicated by a physician.  Extracts from the shoots and leaves have a beneficial effect. For example, shoots of hawthorne extract can be given in the morning, one drop per day until the end of a bottle of 30 ml. Shoots of hawthorne extract can be replaced with oak bud extract, which is administered in the same way.


Teas are often recommended for stress. In this case, they can be used throughout the day with a tea made from 50 g basil, 30 g of rosehips, 50 g hawthorne (in the form of fruit, flowers and / or leaves) and 50 g of black currant leaves. With a tablespoon of this mixture you can prepare a decoction with 250 ml of water. Boil for 5 minutes, strain well and drink three cups a day. You can use either unsweetened or sweetened with honey.

Figs, dates, grapes and citrus are just as effective as plants, a food with a very important role in preventing stress diseases. During the day, tea and fruits are recommended. In the evening, when we prepare for restful sleep we are given extracts from Sequoia shoots and buds of linden extract silver.

Poplar shoots
"A very good tea that we recommend in autumn-winter period is one of the black poplar buds. The amount of 50 ml of water add one teaspoon of black poplar buds. For this tea drink one cup day. buds can be added grape-vine. You can use the extract of hazel buds, but without adding another, "recommends Dr. Cristina Balanescu.

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