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What Are The Causes Of Diseases. Plant!


Just like human beings are vulnerable to certain diseases, so are plants. Plant diseases are very unknown to a majority of us but it is indeed important to discuss and understand the diseases. Plants no doubt play a very vital role in our lives. From complex processes that aid in respiration to simple provision of shade; plants contribute a lot to our lives. They are an essential part of the cycle that ensures the life of man on earth. So to guarantee the existence of plant life it is important to study about their diseases. Plant life can therefore prove to be a life saving source for humans.


Study of plant diseases is commonly known as the plant pathology where pathology is derived from the word pathogens that are infectious diseases causing harm to the plants. Environmental factors also contribute towards these diseases. Plant life ends without the supply of water, sunlight and essential nutrients. These items ensure the process of photosynthesis to take place which in turn helps in regulating the respiration of humans and animals. This is so because plants release oxygen during photosynthesis which is inhaled in by the humans and humans in turn exhale carbon dioxide which is utilized by the plants. Hence, it is a complete cycle in which both plants and animals are dependant upon each other for their survival. Even the changes in climatic conditions cause the changes in plant life and existence.


The plant pathology explains the diseases caused to plants and the reasons behind those diseases. Plants o any kind have certain organisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause these diseases. Plant life needs to be protected from them hence. These bacteria multiply and divide, feeding on the dead organic matter. They constantly disrupt the ecosystem by harming humans, animals and plants. However it is not just the bacteria or fungi that results in plant diseases. There are 3 factors referred to as the triangle that are responsible for these diseases. First thing is the host plant that catches that disease. For example if a tomato plant gets a Septoria leaf spot disease than a tomato plant is necessary for that. The next thing is the pathogen like bacteria or fungi that cause that disease. In the above case a fungi might cause the Septoria disease. The third important thing is the favorable environmental conditions for the disease to occur. Like the warm moist atmosphere for the Septoria disease on tomato plants.

Tips and comments

Thus, from the above example we can see that if we alter any one of the three factors we can prevent the occurrence of the disease. Plant can be made resistant to that disease so that it does not gets harmed by it. The pathogens can be lessened by removing the weed and debris or insects carrying those diseases. Moreover, the environmental conditions can be altered by making them less favorable to the occurrence of the disease. For example, increasing the airflow and lessening the humidity rate etc. Hence these small and easy measures can help prevent the disease from attacking the plant life.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/03/2012
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