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Infectious diseases also called communicable disease which are transmitted due to physical contact of human beings are called contagious diseases. These diseases can also be transmitted by secretions of humans or due to objects they have touched. In the beginning contagious diseases were believed to be transmitted only by direct physical contact , but now scientists have broadened this definition to any communicable disease among human beings. Some of the common type of diseases include smallpox , typhoid fever, leprosy and influenza. This article will tell you about some of the major diseases which are very common and effect the health of human beings in a negative way.


Contagious diseases are normally caused by microbes. There are many types of infectious microbes which cause these diseases. Pathogenic bacteria are the cause of diseases like plague , anthrax and tuberculosis. Another microbe , Protozoa is responsible for illnesses like malaria , toxoplasmosis and sleeping sickness. Besides this Fungi cause infections like ringworm , candidacies and toxoplasmosis. But all of these microbes have one thing in common , they need some medium to travel and transmit to other body. This transmission can take place through number of ways such as air , food , body fluids , blood transfusion and physical contact.


One of the widely known contagious diseases is smallpox. Smallpox can be fatal if it is not treated in its early stages. This virus localizes itself in the small vessels of mouth , and veins of its victim. This blockages causes rashes and later blisters. Another common disease is Typhoid Fever. It is very dangerous because even when a person has overcome this virus , still it can be transmitted to other people around him or her. It normally takes the medium of food or water. Apart from this Influenza which is also called flu , is also counted as contagious disease , but the signs of this virus can easily be detected in a human being and that’s why it can be treated at an early stage. Besides this , Cholera is another type of contagious disease which is an infection of the small intestine and is caused by bacterium Vibro cholera. But the most lethal and feared virus is Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) or otherwise known as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS). This infection is primarily HIV which later on develops into Aids and cripples the immune and resistive system of human body. Most of the patients which are infected from this virus eventually die from sickness and illness. HIV slowly destroys the immune system which increases the chances of getting infections such as tumor. It is transmitted to another body primarily by intercourse , or by blood transfusion and also in exchange between mother and baby during pregnancy.

Tips and comments

It has been researched that most of the diseases are transmitted through towel. Therefore it is recommended by most of the doctors that everyone should use their own towels and should try not to eat or drink from crockery used by person who is suffering from any of the contagious diseases. Luckily , many vaccines of these infections and viruses are available and developed , and one should get these vaccines to be safe from these fatal diseases.

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