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How To Deal With Common Venereal Diseases


Venereal diseases, commonly known by people as God’s punishment, have a wide range of aspects and meanings. The most common venereal diseases are AIDS, Genital herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Scabies and Chlamydia.


The word “Venereal” is derived from “Veneris”, which is Latin for the term “Venus”, means love goddess in Roman mythology. This term was assigned to sexually transmitted diseases in 1990. Therefore, the venereal diseases are being researched on and different high tech laboratories in different countries are finding a suitable treatment for them.


The patient of venereal diseases might not have the disease but can be the infection career, which mean that the virus is in dormant stage. But in both the cases a full fledge treatment is required. These diseases are transmitted through sexual activities but in some severe cases the disease is passed on even through a mere skin contact. The people who have a comparatively stronger sexual appetite than others and change partners frequently have a greater risk to get these diseases. The basic symptoms for all the sexually transmitted diseases are the same, but they are further classified on the basis of the virus and bacteria. The symptoms are deficient immune system, anxiety, poor eating habits, and an unnerving urge to use drugs or muscle relaxants and exhaustion. These diseases are more rampant with the people who do not use protection when indulging in physical intimacies. Other than this, blood transfusion and injecting used syringes/needles are the root cause of these diseases. Recent researches have proved that pregnant women are at a greater risk of catching these diseases because the immunity system lowers its guard during pregnancy to acclimatize the fetus. The treatments are different for every disease. Some diseases have bacterial agents while others are viral. Initially, there was no medication or vaccines available for such diseases and the patient had to face a slow painful death. But now vaccines are available for certain diseases. But it is always wise to prevent a disease instead of finding a cure for it later. Contraceptives and protection should be used to avoid catching these diseases. However, in the cases of recently discovered diseases like genital herpes, warts and AIDS, the patients remain a career even after a proper treatment. Nonoxynol 9 was a much talked about medicine and it was said that it will be much more effective than the vaccines but it disappointed the researchers as well as the consumers. On the contrary, it has much diverse effects and the women who take this medicine are at a larger risk of getting HIV. To detect these diseases one needs to go systematically. First the diagnosis is done, than a screening test is performed. After that, the treatment is started on the basis of the gender of the patient. A system has also been introduced known as the sexually transmitted disease wizard which detects the behaviors, symptoms and demographics of the patient.

Tips and comments

The patient should not be mocked or debased because he has to remain strong to face the crucial treatments and after effects. The venereal diseases should not be taken lightly or else it can become incurable.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/01/2012
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