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Does Aids Cause Symptoms Of Emaciation?


Acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS is a disease, which attacks the human immune system because of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV weakens the human immune system which leads to the victim of these diseases to be more likely to get infections and other viruses. Emaciation can cause extreme weight loss or thinness of the human body due to loss of fat and muscles. The physique of a human with emaciation includes thinness of limbs, upper body and buttocks to almost near skeleton. The state is caused by severe malnourishment and starvation. It is the predominated stage of malnourishment which leads the body open to other digestive problems and illness.


There are in total four symptoms of AIDS. The first symptom is the Flu. At this stage, symptoms include fever, sore throat, headaches, sore lymph glands and skin rash. People can develop vague or brief flu like symptoms weeks after they have been infected by HIV. Although, even after you have been infected by HIV, you may not display any symptoms until years after. The second symptom for identifying AIDS is profound fatigue. This fatigue pervades all of your daily activities and makes it difficult for you to function properly at home and work. Again this symptom, like the symptom of the flu, is very vague and may not be the defining symptom of a man infected with AIDS. The third fymptom is when a person starts receiving frequent infections and disorders. An individual with AIDS may frequently be complaining about illness, pains and discomforts that would not normally call for much medical concern. They may also experience recurring infections (not specific). These can include pneumonia or etiologies. Kaposi's sarcoma is another indicator of AIDS in this same condition. It is identified as small red, pink, brown or purplish lesions on the skin, eyelids and nose and in the mouth and is characterized as a tumor. It can spread from the skin to the organs infecting the whole body. The last symptom of emaciation is diarrhea.


Emaciation usually occurs in the last stages of AIDS. AIDS itself does not kill people but it attacks the immune system causing it to fail and with no immune system protecting the body all of your organs and systems get infected and start to die. These people catch diseases very easily and recover very slowly. So basically with a slow immune system, a patient will suffer from frequently occurring infections and diseases and right before they are ground downed they will become emaciated due to significant weight loss.

Tips and comments

Doctors often confuse AIDS with malnutrition due to the symptom of emaciation. Of course it is understandable, no doctor wants to jump to the conclusion that their patient has AIDS. Emaciation is always the red flag depicting the fact that you are in the last stages of AIDS. Since most of the symptoms of AIDS can be easily confused as normal or general illness, it is only till a doctor sees the victimized patient after which they can be sure that they have been infected with the said disease.

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