Preventing Your Diseases
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Preventing Your Diseases

Published at 02/04/2012 02:57:00


 Preventing Your Diseases

Diseases can only be prevented by living in an improved environment. You cannot believe how much an environment influences the health by exposure and other biological risk factors. Statistics prove that around 85 types of diseases can be prevented just by improving the environment because almost all diseases are caused by the environmental risk factors. There is a complete different branch of medicine dealing with preventing diseases both in individuals and communities. People and countries, in their own ways, have started preventing diseases with the help of whatever facilities they have in hand, such as sanitizing the water, improving living conditions, introducing vaccination programs and other health awareness programs.


 Preventing Your Diseases

The main reason of increased disease is poor standard of living. Poor standard of living is linked with the environment. If your standard of living is low you will definitely suffer from many different sorts of diseases because major diseases are caused by bacteria, and bacteria lives only there where the standard of living is low, therefore, the root cause of all sorts of disease is the environment. Today people try to stay away as much as possible from medicines because of the string of side effects attached to them; therefore, they try to improve their health naturally. One of the major way in preventing diseases is by incorporating antioxidants in your diets. Antioxidants are vitamin C and E, betacarotene, lycopene, lutein and other such elements which have the ability to prevent diseases, such as cancer and other heart related disease. It is also said that antioxidants can also help in Alzheimer diseases which is a disease of the brain where the brain starts to delete memories from the brain. However, antioxidants are also produced naturally in our human bodies, but they are not 100% effective and start to decline as you age.


 Preventing Your Diseases

Researches prove that the more you have a diet rich in antioxidant the more health benefits you will have because such food makes your immune system strong, which means your body will have immense power to fight diseases. Apart from natural methods in preventing diseases, the countries can introduce different sorts of health awareness programs.
People do not know the importance of washing hands each time you touch a pet or you are outside because bacteria is everywhere and all major diseases are caused by bacteria. Therefore if one does not use a proper antibacterial regime, then you will fall prey to bacteria and can fall sick. Vaccines are also available for many major diseases, therefore, countries should introduce programs to make their people realize the importance of these vaccines and their ability to make you immune to such diseases so that you can be protected from them.

Tips and comments

Many people think that vaccines are not important, therefore, they do not use them. However, you can be protected from many diseases just by one shot of vaccine. They are highly potent and will keep you protected for life, which means they are just once in a lifetime investment and you will remain protected all your life from diseases such as polio and hepatitis A and B. These make preventing diseases easy.