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How To Treat a Crippling Disease

Published at 02/05/2012 16:25:05


What is a crippling disease?

A disease is a breach in healthy life and every day activities. A crippling disease is worse. A cripple, is a person that been paralyzed or made handicap by a disease. So a disease that’s degenerating in character and leads to severe and disabling condition is a crippling. A general term for an affected person is disabled person. Crippling diseases such as paralysis, arthritis or joint inflammation and injuries often leave a person in disabled state. Not only the moments are limited but the patient may suffer from spams and inactivity that can result in increased inactivity.

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What diseases are crippling in nature?

Despite medical advancements there are several diseases that are crippling in nature. Effects of these diseases can be mild to severe but they are all crippling somehow. These are: Allergies; Blindness; Cerebral Palsy; infectious Diseases; Deafness; Emotional Disturbances; Epilepsy; Mental Disorders; Mental Retardation; Neurological Impairments; Physical Disabilities like polio, arthritis, diabetes leading to amputation, fractures. Autoimmune disorders like lupus.

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Causes of crippling diseases:

Signs and symptoms of crippling diseases vary from one disorder to other. However, the causes can be generalized owing to the fact that these decide the treatment plan for crippling diseases. Autoimmune basis, mental disorders, genetic disorders, congenital birth defects, immunodeficiency syndromes, metabolic disease, neurological defects, social issues, epidemic of infection, psychiatric illness, rabies, movement disorders and phobias.

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Treatment for crippling diseases:

Physical therapy:

Various types of treatment have been used for such crippling diseases. Recently physical therapy is introduced with rest, massage, exercises, physical training and heat to full body. Occupational therapy is also a crippling disease treatment strategy. Rehab therapy is also suggested for some crippling diseases. Family and friends support is good in case of progressive crippling disease. Physiotherapy is known to

Medication therapy:

There are several types of medications that are used for the treatment of various crippling diseases. Treatment typically begins with medications that have the fewest side effects with further medications being added if insufficiently effective. Immune suppressive drugs, antibiotics, antivirals, physical aids, hormonal therapy etc. are known to lessen the afflictions of crippling disease. Supportive good diet and vitamins & minerals are added to the medications to avoid progressive crippling process. Early surgical treatment of some crippling disease leads to good prognostic results.

Community awareness program:

This is an essential part of therapy and disease control in modern day medicine. Health education approach is acquired so as to help people to get to know about crippling diseases, recognize their signs and symptoms and the need for prompt diagnosis, role of rehab and under study treatment. Such steps can lead to less devastating effects of crippling diseases.


Research on treatment of crippling disease therapy:

Ongoing research therapy for the treatment of crippling disease is based on extensive study of pathogenesis of such diseases. Stem cell culture disease, choosing mutated genetic data as before planning of child, governmental support programs to eradicate infectious diseases such as polio that leads to crippling of the diseased, substitution of proteins by those who works better such as in muscular dystrophies, worldwide international help for eradication of malnourishment and vitamin deficiency diseases, and international collaboration for crippling disease knock out is moving on at a pace that will soon do wonders.