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How To Deal With Deadly Diseases


How to deal with deadly diseases is a tricky question since there is no one way in particular to deal with the alarming issue at hand. There are numerous methods to approach the problem, but not all are known to do well with the patients. There is of course two sides to the issue, one being how a patient already suffering from deadly diseases should deal with it, and the other side being how people that are yet unaffected from the disease should deal with the thought of staying away from it. With much gratitude to the people responsible for developing the means to make even the most dangerous of diseases bearable, there is still a great load of crap that goes as a credit to the people that take millions of dollars as funds and yet produce no effective treatments for years. Indeed they are not the ones at fault here, but as humans, we do need someone to blame for all our suffering.


Deadly diseases have existed for a long time but the difference is that over time some diseases eventually disappeared for good, and others appeared right out of nowhere. Just as we think we have established complete control over every disease in the book a new one pops right out and leaves us wishing for a cure. This undeniably is inevitable and the only thing we can hope for is the intellect to deal with whatever comes our way. The people before us were less fortunate in the sense that they were not blessed with state of the art treatment facilities, but then, even now that we are blessed as one would put it, there are still deaths that occur every day that remind us that we can only do so much; the rest lies in fate.


One of the stupidest things to say to someone suffering from a deadly diseases is: stay positive. Seriously, the guy is probably going to die, and there really is nothing positive about that. All those optimistic self-healing books belong in the trash. For a fact, there is nothing you could say to a patient to make him feel better; silence would be rather much appreciated. You don’t have to bottle your feelings though. You should indeed express your feelings, and really, the least the dying person deserves is the truth. You don’t have to exaggerate though; don’t try telling him he looks great even though the doctors had to shave his head. That’s just uncalled for.

Tips and comments

For those that are suffering from deadly diseases, there is really not much you can do except wait for that final moment to come. In the meanwhile, there are lots of decisions that you have to make, such as deciding what to do with your assets, or who you want to look after your family once you are gone, or maybe even who you are going to haunt if you do get a chance to. Seriously though, if there is anything that could help, it’s probably keeping a bucket list. Why not try out everything before you leave this world?

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/04/2012
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