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How To Protect Yourself From Diseases Of Nervous System


The thing about illnesses and diseases is that they can strike whenever they want. There is no telling as to who already has the genes to develop a disease that could potentially be life threatening. In many cases, people have reported to have witnessed cases in which a person jumping around performing everyday tasks with much ease one day, was paralyzed the very next. This leaves us all in a sort of pickle since you never know who is next. You have to worry about such diseases affecting you only if they have been running in your family for generations. Not many diseases of nervous system are known to be hereditary. Nonetheless, there is no definitive procedure to not make you get one. Most diseases of nervous system are extremely dangerous in nature since they are not even remotely like diabetes which can be dealt with through regular shots of insulin. Nervous system diseases are known to take a real toll on the patient; sometimes leading to insanity, and sometimes complete loss of control. The symptoms depend on the type of disease.


Undoubtedly, in contrast to the past, we are now far better equipped to deal with diseases of nervous system than we were before. However, there are still several cases that are well far beyond our reach. Unfortunately though, several nervous system diseases are still incurable and that we can do nothing about. Take Alzheimer’s for instance. Even though through advanced care and medicines the burden of living with such a disease can be reduced, it can still not be cured. While we have come so far as making heart transplants a possibility, there are still so many procedures and treatments that might take another fifty years or so to perfect.


Put simply there is no proper procedure to protect you from diseases of nervous system. If there is a disease that you know to be running in your family, the best shot you have at not getting it, is to have it tested for early on. Even though we can still not cure nervous system diseases, we can at least try to prevent a person from getting one by testing the person for the genes that are known to cause the disease. Again, even that doesn’t promise you are not going to get it. Some types of Parkinson’s disease for example are known to be hereditary. Although if a family member of yours suffered from a disease that is hereditary, you are only said to be “likely” to develop it as well. The odds of someone not having the disease running in his family still managing to develop the disease are only slightly lower than yours.

Tips and comments

Routine checkups should be made compulsory in every family since a not so long physical given to you every now and then by a proper physician could maybe save you from a mild case of death. In the case of diseases of nervous system, you are indeed bound to feel a little helpless since even the most advanced technology we possess isn’t promising enough to take away all the pain.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/04/2012
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