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Oral Diseases That Are Preventable


Lack of familiarity with the term “oral diseases” in this age which prides itself of information flow, is mind boggling. Research has shown the there is a large proportion of population who are not aware of what is oral disease. Oral diseases are infections and diseases related to your mouth. Why this should be taken very seriously? It should be taken serioulsy, because a person’s mouth speaks of his/her personality, it affects and maintains the whole outlook of a human being. In addition, various researches are showing that these diseases are linked to further more serious problems like cancer and diabetes.


Oral diseases have been around for a long time, although, they were pointed out late and after that they were categorized as a significant problem to deal with. Your mouth is the door way to almost all of your internal organs, how you maintain the doorway will affect the entire system from within. This concept is not realized well by many of us. Though research is still going on how oral health is related to more general health issues but oral health itself creates many issues that can be problematic.


It is very important that these oral diseases are understood and recognized efficiently, so that timely treatment can be started. Over the time with new progress in medical science, types of diseases have also grown rampantly. But for most of them treatment is possible with just little adjustment of lifestyle. Gingivitis is one of the serious diseases that one can be prone to with lack of care. It causes inflammation in gum areas of your mouth and that does cause a lot of pain to the patient. It begins with the layers of plaque that gathers behind your teeth and with time it gets harder to remove it without professional help. All of this all can be avoided by simple brushing of teeth and flossing every day. Before gingivitis starts you may notice some signs. Your gums might bleed as you brush, the color of your gums might change and you might notice traces of blood on your toothbrush. These are few of the signs you can notice and report to your dentist. Gum diseases are also one of the issues the falls in domain of oral diseases. This is a common problem that adults face, but it isn’t focused on adults it can occur at younger age as well. Gums that are healthy hold teeth in their right place, gum diseases affect their strength it affects alignment of your teeth. It all starts with the layers of plaque that gathers around your teeth due to lack of care. With time this plaque transforms into harder substance known as tartar or calculus. To spot gum diseases is difficult because in start they do not cause pain or any burning sensation. Only vigilant action in this case is to visit your dentist regularly. Dentist checks for gum diseases in every dental exam. Good news is that gum diseases can be prevented with just daily of habit of brushing twice a day. It is as simple as that.

Tips and comments

Making brushing a habit is the best care you can get for all your oral disease. Early in morning and before sleeping at night after you had your dinner just spend two minutes with your teeth and you will save yourself from a lot of pain and costs adding to your monthly budget.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/04/2012
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