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Metabolism is the most vital chemical process in a human’s body. It is extremely important for the sustenance of life and it is because of this process that you are able to carry out your duties. What happens in this process is that certain enzymes break down the food, so that it can be utilized by the body to perform everyday’s functions. Metabolism has the same importance for your body which the CPU has for the computer. Nowadays, due to hectic schedules, many people do not pay heed to the nutrients important for metabolism. This creates havoc inside the system and is the cause of metabolic diseases. These metabolic diseases can be fatal, if not diagnosed in time.


In the past, the cases of the metabolic diseases were rare because of the pure and healthy diets and comparatively less work load. Now, the percentage of these diseases has increased significantly. These diseases can result in heart problems, obesity, diabetes, arthritis and schizophrenia.


These diseases can be inherited from as well, but not always. A kid might develop these diseases in his life even if their parents didn’t have these metabolic issues. One of the root causes of metabolic diseases is high blood pressure. High blood pressure and diabetes are basically a poison for human life. Sometimes the medicines taken for these, result in metabolic syndromes. So, before taking those medicines do read the literature of that medicine. A healthy diet is the best way to avoid metabolic diseases. These are the ways to prevent these diseases. But if you are already having issues regarding metabolism, you should immediately start the treatment. One of the symptoms is obesity or extreme weakness. Grouchiness and exhaustion also indicates metabolic issues. Doctors usually prescribe diuretics and different inhibitors, like ACE, to treat these diseases. Stay away from any kind of drugs and muscle relaxants if you are having metabolic problems. Increase the intake of calcium and vitamins. Calcium is very important because metabolic disturbances usually result in arthritis and minor/major fractures. Try to stay away from stress related issues because stress in turn gives rise to poor eating habits. The people who have metabolic issues are generally told by the doctors not to eat in between meals but some doctors suggest that it is good to eat something in small amounts through out the day. Different researches have proved that blueberries decrease the chances of metabolic disturbances to quite a great extent. But these should be avoided by the diabetic patients. If the level ok alkalis and acids are also not balanced, a person suffers from these diseases. To check the level of alkalis/acids a blood gases test is done. The amount of electrolytes is checked and on the basis of these tests an appropriate treatment is suggested by the doctors.

Tips and comments

In order to prevent these metabolic diseases, check the kind of food your are eating because without the nutrients, just something to chew. To lead a disease free life you need to take care of yourself.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/04/2012
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