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Foods That Cause Hepatitis Diseases!


Hepatitis diseases have become one of the most common diseases nowadays. There are five types of hepatitis: A, B, C, D and E. Hepatitis is the name of a virus that affects the liver of person. Hepatitis A and E do not lead to chronic hepatitis while the hepatitis diseases B and C can become chronic. The treatment of hepatitis A and E is therefore simpler and vaccines exist for them. Both these forms of hepatitis are related to one another in terms of intensity and transmission. However, the hepatitis B and C may result in more death rate and complications as their treatment requires a lot of effort.


The hepatitis A is very common amongst the countries having a poor sanitation system like Asian countries. It is also prevalent among the countries have bad disposal system of industrial and agricultural waste. This waste travels into the streams and lakes of water and contaminate it, thus resulting in poor drinking water for the masses. The symptoms of hepatitis diseases A and E are shown 2 weeks after the virus has infected the person. The symptoms include vomiting, dark color of urine, light color of stool, lethargy, liver aches and loss of appetite. However, sometimes these symptoms may not be present as well. A blood test is carried out to determine the type of hepatitis which is then preceded by the required treatment.


Hepatitis diseases A and E are caused by food poisoning and the contamination of water. The disease spreads through the fecal-oral path. It is also transmitted through the infected food handlers, the food that is not cooked and the food that is dealt after cooking. The diseases spread the most among drug users, men having sex with men, people having blood clotting issues, catching infections from workplace or an adapted child from an area with high rate of hepatitis. Since unhygienic conditions, poor sanitation systems and food causes the birth of hepatitis diseases, there is a need to study them. Junk food spoils the liver and causes aches and ulcers. In the case of hepatitis in 1997 the frozen strawberries were thought to cause this disease among many people. In 2003 green onions that are fresh were believed to cause hepatitis. Blueberries and lettuce also contributed to the spread of this disease as well. There are certain restaurants whose food played a major role in the birth of hepatitis among the customers. It can then spread through the family contact, intake of poor water and shellfish and ingestion of drugs directly or indirectly.

Tips and comments

Prevention is better than cure in the case of the hepatitis diseases A and B. For this purpose there is a need to have proper sanitation system all over the world that would ensure good hygienic conditions. The disposal system of industry and agricultural wastes should be improved. Water should be made clean and boiled so that it is safe for drinking. Moreover, areas having poor sanitary conditions should have food cooked well and fruits and vegetables peeled and washed.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/04/2012
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