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Top 5 Goldfish Diseases

Published at 01/31/2012 19:02:58

Goldfish Diseases

Goldfish diseases are of different varieties. Goldfish is one of the fish that has been domesticated earlier and it is a common fish in most of the fresh water aquariums. China has started the domestication of this fish long ago and a wide variety of breeds had been developed. This fish varies in body shape, colors, size and configuration of the fins. Goldfishes are having more tendencies to get affected by diseases and that causes early death. The top five goldfish diseases are anchor worms, indigestion or constipation, dropsy, flex and rotting of the fin or tail.

Anchor worms are types of parasite that dig deep into the body of the goldfish and eat the nutrients. Main culprits are live feeds which are given as food. The worm needs a place to settle before hooking into the goldfish body. The symptoms of these goldfish diseases include that of rubbing its body against other objects inside the tank and display of a material like that of the thread on the outside part of the body. This disease can be treated by adding potassium permanganate into the water and it has to be done every alternate days. It won’t make more harm if it is found early and taken care of.

Indigestion or Constipation

Indigestion or constipation is another one of goldfish diseases found common which is affected by the overfeeding of foods or old foods. The symptoms are like irregular breathing, difficulty to defecate bulged belly etc. If the fish is showing any of the symptoms a good feeding of peas, live feed or flakes already soaked will be good and relief can be obtained once it is taken. The tank has to be cleaned immediately so contamination can be avoided. To prevent these type of conditions in the future a good attention is needed while feeding the goldfish.



Dropsy is another disease infected by the bacteria or parasites. The poor tank maintenance and the water quality is the main reason behind the goldfish diseases. When the tank becomes contaminated, it becomes a breeding ground for many parasites. The main symptoms are inflamed belly, flamed scales, swollen eyes and pale complexion. This disease spreads very fast and it is difficult to diagnose. Best option is by keeping the tank without any spots. Frequent cleaning of the tank is good if there are more goldfishes in the tank. By the time when the owner finds out about the disease, it gets spread.

Flex and Fin or Tail rot

Flex is another type of disease which caused by bacteria but it gives a feeling as caused by fungus. Symptoms caused by this disease looks like the growth of cotton like material on the fish’s body. By adding water antibiotics mainly maracyn, spectrogram or salt, this disease can be treated. Fin or tail rot often happens because of the fin tissue loss. Symptoms of these goldfish diseases include that of the worn-out fins and appearance of hole in the edge or middle of fin. The treatment for this disease can be done by adding salt or melafix or by doing a hydrogen peroxide wash.