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what are the common smoking related diseases


If you ask almost any teenager or any adult for that matter how they started off with smoking, they would reply with “just hanging around with friends I tried a few and yes it looked coo.l” Of course they do not add the “cool” part while talking about it but smoking is usually associated with an “IT” factor that Males specially feel that smoking brings out in them. Furthermore, their peers slowly drift them towards smoking. What smokers at younger age and many of the adults do not realize are the serious effects smoking has, on an individual’s health. Using Cigarette makes you prone numerous smoking related diseases. One of the most lethal things about it is that in start smokers do not see the symptoms of cigarette’s taking a toll on their health and the smoking related diseases develop, since they surface after a few years, when just a casual smoke a day, becomes a strong addiction.


Smoking has been around for centuries dating back to almost 5000 BC when shamans used the tobacco and other hallucinogenic drugs to contact the spirit world. Since then other civilizations around China and India have been using smoking as a social tool. Around 1612 tobacco was used as a cash crop for the first time and it became a market commodity. Even back then there were smoking related diseases but due to constant war and lack of progress in the medical field, science could not record any particular study that would show how it had affected people even back then.


Smokers need the constant dose of nicotine in their blood which makes them an addict. Without a smoke every few hours they start to feel anxiety, hunger, and temper getting out of control and concentration level falls. Smoking related diseases have become a serious problem in this age, every year around 100000 people die of such diseases in the UK. Cardiovascular disease is one of many diseases that are caused by smoking. Smoking causes the arteries of heart to harden and narrow. This makes the blood flow difficult and with rising cholesterol level in blood with age, an individual who smokes faces a greater risk to be a victim of a heart attack. Smokers are more prone to get cancer. Almost 90% of the lung, mouth and throat cancers are caused by an addiction to smoking. The more cigarettes a person smoke a day, the greater risk he/she faces to have a cancer. Then there is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), this is a term designated to various diseases that block airflow and cause difficulty in breathing. This condition is developed primarily in smokers. Other diseases to name are asthma, high blood pressure and impotency in men/women both. Males develop a condition “erectile dysfunction” due to which they have trouble in having an erection in their mid 30’s and 40’s. Smoking makes your skin and hair dull and affects the overall outlook of your personality; skin develops age lines sooner than those who do not smoke.

Tips and comments

Good news is that all these smoking related diseases can be avoided if one wants it. If you stop smoking within a day your breathing will enhance, within a month your skin appearance will get better and within in few years your lungs will get rid of carbon monoxide that has been pumped into them over years. You can join various counseling sessions if you feel quitting on your own is a difficult task. Nowadays, progress in technology has presented various new methods to quit smoking. Nicotine gums are one of many.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/05/2012
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