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What You Must Know About Spreaded

Published at 02/03/2012 01:39:35

Introduction to the word spreaded

There are lots of words in English language that are rather difficult to understand and the proper usage of such words is note usually done. There are many such words which are not grammatically accepted. However, the use of these words is done frequently. There is much slang that is now used to write English script. However, the true form of the language does not allow writing the language as such. There are many words that are always being confused. Some people argue over these words and their arguments are ended with no conclusions generally. Spreaded is one such English word that is essentially not a word. You must have written it several times while writing spread in the past tense. However, there is no such word present in the dictionary. Therefore, the word may be called as an irregular use of the spread word in past and perfect tense.

History of English language

The evolution of language and the script is very old. English is basically a western German language and it was brought to Britain by the Germanic invaders. The language is oriented from the Anglo-Frisian dialects. There are several different stages that the language has crossed and the development of modern English is done. There are lots of changes that are continuously added in the English language. As the language is passed to different people, the use of English was done in their own manner. This gave rise to the accents and slangs that are commonly used now days. The language is simple and most prominent language of the world today.

What you need to know about spreaded?

There are many words that are used inappropriately while writing. There are lots of such words in English language that have same meanings and there are words that are pronounced similar but written differently. This is the one reason that the English language is confusing sometimes and needs proper grammar check. Spreaded is one such word that is not actually a word in the grammar. The reason why this word is used is that people often think that spread is used as spreaded in past and perfect tense. However, you must know that this is not correct. The word spread remains unchanged in past tense and perfect tense. There are no changes in the word. Similarly like the word put and cut. These words are also not changed. There are some other words that are not changed while writing them in past and perfect tenses. So, you must take care while writing any such words.

Tips for usage of spread

The use of spreaded is done mostly by the people to express the past tense of the spread. You must have seen sentences like, “the industries are spreaded all over the city” and “I spreaded the jam over the breads”. These are the sentences that are not appropriate because of the use of the word spread. This way it is always misunderstood. So, you must remember to make the proper use of the verb.