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Most Common Illnesses in Childhood

Published at 02/03/2012 01:40:00

Introduction to child diseases and the common child illnesses

There are many problems that are faced by the children. Many diseases may harm the life of your child. So, you need to be sure that you make the suitable measures for making your child free from these diseases. There are lots of diseases that endanger children health. Many diseases may prove fatal, if the treatment is not done in time. There are lots of such diseases that are common in childhood. These common illnesses in childhood need proper attention and proper handling so as to protect the child from getting sick. There should be proper care of the child so as to get rid of these diseases.

History of diseases

The diseases are as older as the human existence. There are many diseases that are predominantly found in children. These diseases may prove fatal to the children. Many diseases such as chickenpox are mostly found in children. This is one of the oldest diseases that are still found in the world. This is a fatal disease that may endanger the child’s life. There were many cases in the history that proves how fatal this disease can be. There are other diseases that are equivalent fatal as the chicken pox is. These diseases are very much harmful to the children. These are common illnesses that are caused in the children.

The most common illnesses found in the children

The most common illnesses found in the children are:

1. Chicken Pox – This is a disease that is characterized by red, itchy spots or blisters. These are scattered all over the body. There is moderate fever that may persist.
2. Whooping cough – This is again a type of disease that is characterized by extensive fits of coughing. The coughing is followed by husky breathing and vomiting sometimes.
3. ‘Fifth’ disease – This is also known as erythema infectiosum. The characters of disease are red specks on cheeks, arms, thighs, nose and buttocks. They might blur often and they looked like child has been slapped. So, this is sometimes known as ‘slapped cheek’ too.
4. Three-day-fever –This is also known as roseolainfantum. In this disease there is high fever for three days and a pink rash covers their body. The children under the age of three have more chances of getting sick from this disease.
5. Scarlet fever – This is the disease that is characterized by moderate fever, rashes which are located in armpits and sore throat.
6. Hand, foot and mouth disease – The disease is characterized by small spots and blisters in mouth, feet and hands specifically. There exists slight fever too. The fever may last for few days.

Tips for preventing these diseases

These are some of the most common illnesses that are caused in children. These disease need to be prevented so as to make the child grow better. There are several methods of treatment that are available for curing these common diseases in children. But one should make sure to keep child away from these diseases.