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Daconil Uses And Side Effects

Published at 02/02/2012 16:52:58

Introduction to Daconil

There are many places around the home that need to be clean and fresh. The ornamental turf grass, golf courses and other loan grass need proper care. There are many problems that can be caused if there is pest in them. There are many problems that are caused by pests. Insects and pests cause damage to the grass and any damage to the grass can cause problem to the whole field. Therefore, it is required to maintain the grass properly. The grass also is very costly and the maintenance of the it should be done in a good way to keep it safe and pest free. Daconil is one such formulation that has made it easy for maintaining grass and keeping it pest free. There are a lots of other formulations too, but Daconil is very potent and has less side effects.

History of Lawn Grass

The use of grass to decorate lawns and golf courses is an old method. There is a specific kind of grass that is used on these courses and on the lawns. There are many methods that are now being employed to make it more good looking and attractive. However, this must be noticed that there is the problem that the grasses suffer. The problem is that the grasses are always endangered with the pest problems. Thus, the use of some pesticides became necessary for making grass free from any pests and insects. There are a lot of pesticides that are now available for spraying on grass. However, Daconil is the powerful among all.

Uses and Side Effects of Daconil

There are several uses of the formulation Daconil. The formulation is helpful in controlling the 14 diseases of grass. These are dollar spot, brown patch, gray leaf spot, algae, and leaf spot, melting out, anthracnose, rust, fusarium patch, gray snow mold and red thread. The action is fast and there is the reduction in the pest population after sometimes of the use. It is a very powerful pesticide and there are almost the solutions of most of the harmful diseases that cause problems to grass. There are many people that are using this on grass to keep it maintained. Brown patch is one of the most common diseases that is seen in the grasses. This causes the weathering of grass and makes the color fade away. This is the basic problem that is seen in many shrubs. The use of Daconil can reduce this and make the grass shine again.

There are very few side effects of the formulation. The side effects are seen in cases when there is an excessive use of the formulation on grass. There are chances of getting the formulation cause damage to grass if excessively used.

Tips for Using Daconil

The use of the Daconil should be done in such a way that there is very little effect on the grass so as to prevent the damage. Use appropriate amount that is suggested.