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How To Prevent Spirochetes

Published at 02/03/2012 00:41:09

General information about spirochetes

Spirochetes are chemoheterotrophics in nature; they belong to phylum, order spirochetales of distinctive gram-negative bacteria. These are the serious pathogens that causes diseases in human beings such as syphilis, yaws and lyme, this bacteria is three to five hundred micrometers long. Spirochetes is the only one of its kind due to the fact that it has endocellular flagella which digits between 2 and more than 200 per organism depending on the size.

Negative effects of spirochetes

Basically, due to the fact that spirochetes are just a small group of parasites, people tend not to give them the necessary attention required. Actually, they consist of only a few genera of about six in number. However, they have detrimental effects on both humans and livestock. They impact everyone’s life negatively. Some of most terrible diseases such as syphilis are attributed wholly to them. They tend to clog the stomachs of many ruminants such as cows and sheep where they are believed to have a mutual relationship with the ruminants. They play major ecological roles. In ruminants, they are of great help. If it were not for their role in ruminant digestion, it would be hard for them to digest cellulose materials and other hard to digest food materials.

How to prevent yourself from being infected spirochetes:

The best way to prevent spirochetes is to maintain a good hygiene; this is the science that deals with prevention hence promoting health by plummeting harmful levels of microorganism. You need to wash your hands before starting to cook and after visiting toilets. Washing your hands with soap will removes oils and rupture up particles in order to be wash away. Boiling drinking water and cooking food also play a very important role; this will kill the harm full organisms that are found in the water. Kitchens and any other places used in food preparation should be kept clean by washing them by detergents and water then allow to dry. You need also to avoid touching your eyes, mouth and food after touching unhygienic surface until you wash your hands. It is also advisable that you wash your hands after shaking a person’s hands, touching cash and changing a child’s diaper. Foods that are consumed when they are raw should be washed thoroughly.

Diseases caused by spirochetes

Viruses do break through the cell wall of the human tissues and start multiplying inside, this will cause the cell to die, and when it dies, many virus are free and it keep on to taint the other cells. Human body builds on the defensive mechanism so as to stop the virus from replication hence stop infection. Diseases that are transmitted by sexual contacts, sharing syringes and other sharp objects with an infected person, this disease include Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AID), which is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Another kind of disease is rabies which is transmitted by bites from infected raccoons, bats and dogs. Another disease cause by spirochete is yellow fever and Dengue fever. It is a viral hemorrhagic cause by infected mosquitoes.