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How To Prevent Diseases Of The Nervous System


The nervous system is a very important system in the body. It contains neurons, a network of cells that coordinate every action of your body. What it does is that it transmits signals between one part of your body to another. Just like other systems of the body, the central nervous system is prone to various diseases. Most of the conditions associated with this system are life threatening and therefore needs a lot of care. Diseases of the nervous system can affect either the brain or the spinal cord. Those of the brain are killing millions of people every year around the globe. This huge number can however be reduced if everyone learns how to prevent these deadly diseases. It is not that hard to keep away from these conditions, all you have to do is follow the below tips on how to prevent diseases of the nervous system and they will be a thing of the past.

Preventive Measures Of The Nervous Diseases

The major way to prevent diseases of the nervous system is taking Vitamin D, whether in diets or in supplements. Basing the argument on the recent scientific insights, this vitamin plays a very important role in preventing psychiatric and neurological illnesses. It is actually found in nerve cells of the main regions of the human brain such as the cerebellum, prefrontal cortex, hypothalamus and thalamus. It would therefore be true to say that Vitamin D could influence the nervous system to a great extent.

Having good mental fitness is also a major contributor of keeping off the diseases of the nervous system. Keeping the brain fit and using it regularly would certainly keep you safe from getting Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that has affected many of the elderly. Do you know that individuals who have higher levels of education usually have late onset of dementia as compared to those without? Well, that is true. This may be attributed to the covering of the early signs of the disease and also prevent it from developing. It is therefore a good idea you have mental exercise regularly and which can be tackling crossword puzzles and reading widely among others.

Did you know diabetes is one of the major conditions that lead to diseases of the nervous system? That is right and controlling it would definitely prevent you from getting brain conditions. It is advisable you keep your blood glucose level at normal, which can be achieved by limiting yourself from high consumption of alcohol. If you already have diabetes then you ought to have regular checks by your doctor to avoid it causing any damages to the brain.

Taking medication is also a factor that has led to decrease of diseases of the nervous system. Drugs like non-steroidal/inflammatory drugs, drugs that lower cholesterol and also others that lower estrogen levels in the body. It however advisable you check with your doctor before using any of these drugs as they may have severe effects to your body alongside preventing you from getting diseases of the nervous system.


With these recent times, it is no secret that diseases of the nervous system have led to very many deaths. There is no good excuse for the getting the conditions that are associated with nervous system because the can actually be prevented. All you need to do is lay some background research on the various ways to prevent the conditions then implement them. The good news is that the above preventive measure will keep you free from major diseases of the nervous system if you adopt them into your lifestyle.

By Hannah, published at 02/16/2012
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