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How To Prevent Erysipelas

Published at 02/03/2012 17:17:59


Erysipelas is a serious streptococcal bacterial infection of the skin that involves the lymphatic structure. This condition can also be termed as Saint Anthony’s flame, as known by most people. In worst occasions; it can spread from the skin to the tissues located underneath. It mostly affects the extremities and the face. The complications of erysipelas can sometimes supervene when left untreated. It does not choose who to affect, it can affect the old, children and even infants. A number of researches have shown that this disease can be common in people who are; alcoholic, diabetic, immune depressed, suffer from skin ulceration and those with impaired lymphatic drainage. Just like most bacterial infections, erysipelas can be prevented. Below are some of the ways that have proven to be very effective in preventing this condition.

Ways to prevent Erysipelas

Avoiding cuts is one of the best ways you can prevent yourself from contracting erysipelas. For the fact that this condition spreads to the underneath tissue of the skin, preventing cuts can equally prevent further transmission of the bacterial. By adopting this measure, you are also preventing the streptococcal bacteria to circulate in the blood stream, which may complicate to other conditions.

Maintaining good hygiene is also a preventive measure that ought to be put into consideration. Always keep your skin especially the face and the extremities clean. Facial areas such as ears, around the eyes and cheeks should always be cleaned. This decreases the chances of streptococcal bacteria from establishing itself in your skin hence leading to erysipelas.

Erysipelas can also be prevented by proper usage of antiseptics. Most antiseptics, those from your local shop and also those from the hospital can be effective in killing the bacterial agent of this condition. It would be a perfect idea to apply them even three times a day. Using antiseptic soaps when bathing would also be a perfect idea. By doing so, you will not only protect yourself, you will also protect other individuals in your family from contracting erysipelas.

Avoiding the skin from staying dry is also something that cannot be underestimated. If your skin is always wet, it is a guarantee you will not keep on scratching yourself. This will in turn prevent any opportunistic bacterial infections from entering your body. You can use some gentle moisturizers even two times a day. Consult your physician for recommendation on what lubricants to use.

Diet is also a contributing factor in preventing erysipelas. These are food like, fatty fish and flax seed in oil or in powder form. Both of these dietary foods usually contain omega-3 acids which aid in removing any swellings in the skin. This will in turn prevent any entry of streptococcal bacteria that may lead to erysipelas.


Erysipelas is a highly contagious infection that was there before dangerous to life. Today, it can be treated effectively with antibacterial drugs. However, when left untreated, it can be life threatening. Reaching the stage of treatment or even contracting it means you have not been careful enough. It is good to be precautious and take some preventive measure in order to be sure you are free from erysipelas.

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