the Most Common Bowel Diseases
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the Most Common Bowel Diseases

Published at 02/03/2012 17:16:56


the Most Common Bowel Diseases

Bowel, commonly known as intestine is prone to a number of conditions. Some are very serious to an extent of been life threatening while others are acute. They all however lead to various complications in the digestive system of the body. The most common bowel diseases are those that affect the intestines itself and these are; bowel cancer, constipation and hernias. All these conditions are covered comprehensively below.

Bowel Cancer

Among other bowel diseases, the most common is bowel cancer which is also known as colorectal, rectal or colon cancer. It usually affects the lower section of the digestive system, that is; the larger bowel and the rectum. It is a rare condition in people below 40 years but very prevalent in individuals above 65 years. Both man and women are affected equally. It has also been proven to be the third most common type of cancer in males in major statistics carried out in the United Kingdom.

This condition isn’t that easy to treat because it is usually detected when it has fully established itself. Sometimes it is even diagnosed when it has spread beyond the intestines. It is however one of the bowel diseases that can be treated if only it is detected early. Its major symptoms include; blood flecks in the stool, feeling to keep on emptying the bowel, abdominal pain and discomfort and change in regular bowel habits like diarrhea.


This is a condition among the bowel diseases that affects almost everyone. It occurs when dry stool or feces have an infrequent and difficult passage in the bowel. It can occur on its own though sometime it may be linked to some symptoms. It can even be a symptom by itself for a number of other conditions, some mild and others serious. It can result to inflammation, malignancy, trauma, obstruction, dehydration among other abnormal processes.

Unlike most bowel diseases, this condition mostly affects the children and the aged. This does not however mean that other age groups cannot fall victim. They can, it has also been diagnosed in middle aged population. In most cases, it occurs with symptoms like; nausea, bloating, vomiting, dehydration, blood in stool and rectal pain.


These are also a very common condition in bowel diseases. They include; Hiatal hernia and inguinal hernia. Most of them basically occur when intestines protrude the muscular wall of the abdomen through a holes or a weakness. The most common is however inguinal hernia that occurs mostly in children.

This condition of the bowel diseases is caused mostly by anything that raises pressure in the abdomen. This can be; heavy lifting, straining to the toilet or even hard coughing.


The above bowel diseases have been proven from scientific researches that they are the most common in today’s generation. Thy can be life threatening if they are not treated or managed well. It is therefore advisable you visit your doctor or any other physician to check on you more often. If you are already suffering from one, there is still hope for you, there are several treatments that have been produced to ease the symptoms or even eradicate them in all the bowel diseases