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How To Protect Yourself From Congenital Diseases

Published at 02/05/2012 14:28:48


Congenital diseases are medical conditions that are present during births. Some of these diseases even exist before birth. The asperity of these disorders will vary depending on its nature. Such medical condition will usually appear in the later stages of the individual’s life even though the individual was born with such disease. There are various causes of such disorder. Some of them are caused with several unhealthy activities and practices on the part of the mother.


The majority of the congenital diseases are caused by genetics. They can be caused by errors in the reproduction of chromosomes, which would lead to impetuous genetic mutations. Some of these disorders are often passed down to the children from one or both parents.


Types of congenital diseases

• The ESS or empty sella syndrome is a type of congenital disorder that primarily affects the pituitary gland of the patient. Individuals with such ailment will experience irregular menstruation, lack of desire for sex and erectile dysfunction. Causes of such ailment include hypertension and obesity.

• Spina bifida is one of the most hazardous types of such medical condition. Individuals with such medical ailment have spinal cords that are not completely developed. Some individuals that were born with such condition have not suffered any related side-effects. Other individuals with such condition can experience quandaries and complications such as peculiar eye coordination, paralysis and fluids inside the brain.

Several medical experts have suggested that such condition was derived from genetics. Recent studies have also identified other causes of spina bifida. Mothers that have taken VPA or valproic acid can increase the possibilities of delivering babies with such medical condition.
• Aicardi syndrome is a type of disorder that also involves the brain. Such disorder basically involves inappropriate development of the callosum corpus. Patients with such ailment will suffer from mental retardation and seizures.

Maternal diseases that can cause congenital disorders

• Rubella or commonly called German measles can cause abnormalities in the fetus. This disease can cause congenital heart disease, cataracts and deafness to the newly born baby. Mothers should be vaccinated and immunized for rubella prior to the pregnancy.

• Toxoplasmosis is an infection that can lead to severe congenital disorders when it occurs during the pregnancy stages of the mother. The effects of such diseases include mental retardation, enlarged spleen, low birth weight and prematurity. There are also cases that could cause death to the fetus

The treatment proceedings for these congenital diseases and disorders will vary. Some malformation and disorders can be corrected or treated through surgical operations. There are also other genetic diseases and conditions that can be managed with proper medications. Other patients will need long-term care and medications, while some will just require brief treatments.

Tips and comments

Parents are not to be necessarily blamed for these diseases and disorders since some of them are virtually unpredictable and spontaneous. Genetic testing to identify the deleterious genes is a superb idea for families and individuals with histories of genetic quandaries. Parents, specifically the mother, should avoid smoking cigarettes and exposure to hazardous chemicals during pregnancy. A pregnant mother should also eat a healthy and nutritious diet to prevent the chances of delivering a baby with congenital diseases.