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How To Treat Foot Diseases

Published at 02/06/2012 15:53:13


According to recent studies, there are approximately 80 percent of Americans and Europeans that will somehow experience foot diseases in their lives. Some of these foot problems and diseases are related to misuse and handling of the foot, while some of these problems are caused by congenital disabilities and malformations. These diseases and problems must be treated since these body parts are very essential in a human being’s daily living.

A human foot is complex and well designed. It has 8 arches, 26 bones and 33 joints, with hundreds of tendons, ligaments and muscles that work together for proper movement and weight distribution. However, several individuals nowadays will never care and give proper benevolence to their feet. They will only provide the proper attention when their feet are hurting and in pain. Foot diseases are attained due to improper care and handling of feet. Your feet must be taken care of and pampered just like the other vital parts of the body.

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot diseases are one of the most common foot diseases amongst Americans. This disease is caused by fungal infections. Fungus is basically attracted to most and warm areas of the body such as the foot specifically between the toes. An exposed foot can acquire fungi from various places such as swimming pool and gardens.

The fungi in your feet will cause irritation and itchiness to some parts of your feet. Untreated fungal infections can lead to reproduction of fungi. It can spread to the other areas of the foot such as toenails.

Step 1

Treatment for Athlete’s Foot

Fortunately, this fungal infection can be managed easily. There are several antifungal creams, sprays and powders that can be purchased over the counter. For milder cases, powder application is highly advised to remove those fungi. Sprays and creams should be utilized for complicated cases of athlete’s foot diseases.

Step 2

Corns and Calluses

Individuals that are constantly wearing uncomfortable shoes are vulnerable to attaining corns and calluses. Too much applied pressure on the skin and bones on your foot causes such ailment. It is highly recommended to wear shoes that will fit better to your feet’s size and shape. Applying special pads in between your shoes and foot will also solve such problem with foot diseases. However, there are severe cases of such problem that will require surgery.

Step 3

Plantar Warts

According to statistic medical studies, approximately 6 to 11 percent of the total population in the US is affected by plantar warts. This infection is caused by viruses that can be attained by walking on barefoot in places such as showers and swimming pools. Its effects are very painful, and it can spread on other areas if they are untreated.

Step 4

Prevention and treatment for Plantar Warts

The best way to prevent plantar warts is to cover your feet through slippers or shoes when walking in public areas where there is a lot of moisture and potential viruses. Wear your slippers whenever you are walking in the passageways of public swimming pools. The treatments for plantar warts include chemotheraphy, immunotheraphy, chemical treatments and other surgical operations.



The best way to avoid these foot diseases and disorders is to maintain proper hygiene in your feet. Save yourself from all those complicated foot ailments by giving the adequate attention and care for your feet. Keep them clean and stay away from foot diseases.

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