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Know About The Symptoms Of Water Borne Diseases


Water is the symbol of life. Scientists have been trying to figure out whether there is water on Mars, explorers searched for fresh water springs before settling on any new found land. The reason is simple and clear .Water is life and life is water. Humans, animals, and plants, all life is dependent on the supply of water. And therefore it is not an astonishing fact that diseases water borne are not only very dangerous but can in fact be most deadly and hard to control. Therefore to protect oneself and their families one should try all the precautions one can think of. It is highly recommended to follow all that is advised by the health institutions and doctors about diseases water borne as they can cause havoc for your body.


Diseases water borne are not modern or the problem of today’s increasing fast paced world where pollution and dirtying of the water supply is often seen in the news and papers. The first water borne disease was discovered in the industrial age when many industries were booming. This meant that the waste was being poured down into the rivers and springs. Also one must be aware of the fact that annually about 1.8 million people die due to water borne diseases. Water borne diseases pose a threat to the economy and also to the social and political scenario of the country as controlling a water borne disease can cause a lot of frustration and it can become very difficult restricting the virus.


Diseases water borne can be contracted in various ways and according to that specific disease have various different symptoms that a person can develop .To help in giving better medical care and treatment medical authorities have differentiated the infection or diseases so as to differentiate the symptoms. The Protozoal Infections are mostly diagnosed after a patient is said to have developed constant abdominal pain, nausea, bloating or fever. Diarrhea is also a symptom but since it is present in all other cases too so it is not considered a specific symptom. Also in the case of Cryptosporidiosis a person is said to suffer from a case of flu like condition, with cramps bloating and loss of appetite. In case of parasitic infections a person can develop itches and rashes. Muscular pain is also a consequence of the infection. A urticaria rash can also occur and often has been reported. In some serious cases such as Echinococcosis serious harm to the liver is recorded for example liver enlargement or having a cyst that may cause serious damage to it. A person should contact a doctor or his General physician as soon as they encounter these signs.

Tips and comments

A person should be very careful with these symptoms as they show and are also common to other diseases. Doing self examination, reporting it in time and letting the doctor give his opinion is the best solution to know what diseases your body has unfortunately contracted. Most of the diseases water borne are not only treatable but can also be avoided if a person gets vaccinated from a nearby clinic or hospital.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/07/2012
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