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How To Treat a Sore Throat Accompanied By a Fever

Published at 02/04/2012 21:27:04


Getting sick can be a nuisance, especially if it is a sore throat accompanied by a fever. The headaches can cause you to lose concentration. Becoming sick can cause lethargy, which greatly affects your work and a runny nose can cause irritation. Being sick is extremely uncomfortable and a person cannot indulge in enjoyable activities such as reading a book or watching television. A sour throat affects the voice and it makes the throat painful while speaking. Its better to look for a cure as soon as you feel the symptoms rising to ensure that the flu is just a mere viral that can be treated efficiently.

Step 1

Fever refers to the condition when a person’s body temperature rises above normal. In ancient Greek history, the doctors believed that people were made of four basic substances; these were blood, black bile, yellow bile, and phlegm. If all four of these substances were balanced in the body, then you were healthy, if not, you were prone to a fever and sickness. Sore throats are accompanied by an infection, which is rapid growth of organisms known as bacteria.

Step 2

When sore throat is accompanied by a high fever, usually the symptoms are aching limbs, cough and general weakness. Having flu is another problem as it leaves you completely washed out and unable to function. Generally, when a person has a flu accompanied by sore throat and fever, there is a loss of appetite and nausea. These symptoms can be treated by taking a painkiller such as Paracetamol. This will relieve the pain from the joints and reduce the body temperature. Expensive medication is not necessary as home remedies are just as effective.
Green tea should be taken as it is good for the body. This can be accompanied with honey, blackcurrant and hot lemon squash. All of these contain Vitamin C. If you are unable to drink it all at once, then have a few sips and save some for later when the thirst comes back.
Getting enough sleep is also helpful as the sore throat and fever takes a toll on the body. Nausea can be treated with lemonade and tonic water. If these symptoms are prolonged and do not disappear in a week, then a physician should be consulted. Fever is a symptom for a lot of diseases and getting some tests done will shed light on the real problem.


When a person is suffering from a cold and sore throat accompanied by a fever, it is important to take very good care of yourself. A person suffering from these symptoms especially in a cold weather should keep warm and stay indoors. Strenuous activities should be stopped temporarily till the body temperature has gone back to normal. Eating the right food is also very important. If a person is unwell, soup is a must. Fruits and vegetables are also encouraged along with a lot of fluids. If a person cannot drink water, then sports drinks should be taken. They contain electrolytes that can restore lost nutrients in the body. In a fever, steam inhalations are also good for the body.