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How To Stay Away From Diseases Of Pancreas

What is pancreatic disease?

It is a good move to know about the diseases pancreas before thinking about the ways to keep the disease away. Pancreas is said to be hidden part on the body and when it gets enlarged with pain, the situation is said to be pancreatitis. The main role of pancreases that locates close to duodenum is to secrete digestive enzyme for small intestine. These enzymes are very much needed for the body in assisting digestion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in food. Pancreatic disease is divided in to three types namely chronic, hereditary, and acute. Any imbalances in proteins, vitamins or fats and food styles can result in diseases pancreas. Hence a strong care must be put on the intake of foods and supplements to keep the proper balance between proteins fats and carbohydrates.

Causes of pancreatic disease

It is certainly impossible to stay away from diseases pancreas without knowing its causes. The awareness about causes helps you a lot in framing and formulating the diet plans, medications and more to keep the disease away from your body. Some of the important causes include alcohol, medications, gallstones, exposure to certain chemicals, infections such as mumps, high fat level in blood, traumas, surgery and other medical procedures, abnormalities of the pancreases and more. The information on causes helps you a lot to change the food habit, quit drinking, unwanted medications and more to stay away from pancreatic disease. Hence it is not a daunting process to prevent the occurrence of pancreatic disease with a little change in life style and food habit.

Signs and symptoms of pancreatic disease

How can you know about the presence of diseases pancreas in your body? There are certain signs and symptoms that help you to find the presence. The main symptom is the formation of pain in upper abdomen that spreads to the back and then to chest. The pain gets severe with the consumption of alcohol. Other signs and symptoms of diseases pancreas when its get acute include rapid pulse, swollen or tender abdomen, fever, vomiting, nausea, internal bleeding, dehydration, shock, and more. Hence if you doubt the presence of any of these signs or symptoms, don’t waste another second to consult a medical practitioner to diagnose the disease. This helps you a lot in keeping the pancreatic diseases from you body at the initial periods.

Tips to fight against or prevent pancreatic disease

The important tips to prevent or fight against disease pancreas revolve around food habits and drinking habits. Here are the tips for you. Tips starts from quit nicotine and alcohol and covers stop chewing tobacco and smoking, maintain low fat rate, quit rich and spicy foods, takes food rich in proteins and carbohydrates, quit taking large meals at a time, avoid caffeine and gas forming foods, quit concentrated desserts and sweets to balance blood glucose level, avoid butter bacons and margarine, prefer chicken and quit red meat, have vegetable soups, take green leaf vegetables, drink fluids in large extent in the form of juices and soups and more.

So now you can easily take action to keep diseases pancreas away from your life.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/27/2012
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