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Remedies Of Musculoskeletal Diseases

Published at 02/06/2012 17:53:30

Musculoskeletal Diseases

Every work performed by human takes the help of body’s muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Over time, these stresses on body parts can cause ailments ranging from very serious ones to minor ones. From a less effort needed guitar playing to most strenuous sport activity like football play tends to cause muscular skeletal diseases. Fractures arising out of accidents are another factor which may lead to musculoskeletal diseases.

Work in a proper environment

Working in unsuitable climatic conditions is another major cause of musculoskeletal diseases. A proper work environment plays a vital role in preventing musculoskeletal diseases. A low temperature with intense work put heavy stress on muscles. Poor visual conditions badly hamper the muscles in the shoulder and neck region. So, to limit this proper working environment with suitable lighting conditions is imperative.

The severity of the conditions varies from minor aches to very critical and particularised diseases. A severely bent or twisted trunk overloads the spinal activities and a prolonged approach this way damages the spinal structures. Such postures which put stress on spinal areas should be avoided which is the best remedy for musculoskeletal diseases.

Avoid repetitive strain

Continuous load on muscles adversely affect the flow of blood and it affects the proper functioning of it resulting in musculoskeletal diseases. Swelling of muscles is a common symptom due to this. Static muscular load for a long period should be discouraged. Measures should be taken to prevent repetitive strain injury. Keyboard typing or drawing a computer mouse is one such activity that leads to strain on muscles. Short periods of relaxation or change in movements are required here to prevent strains which may lead to musculoskeletal diseases.

Continuously occupying a vibrating environment leads to degenerative disorders. Travelling or driving a very vibrating vehicle should not be done for a longer period. Specially designed seats to reduce vibration should be utilised to minimise the musculoskeletal diseases.

Exercise regularly

Muscular inactivity is another factor which causes musculoskeletal diseases. Long period of inactiveness results in serious complications for muscles and skeleton. This can be easily prevented by doing proper exercises.

Socialise enough

Some psychological factors also can influence the muscles and those may lead to musculoskeletal diseases. So putting unwanted pressure and tension on body and mind should be minimised. Proper social support to those who suffer from this problem eases the issues a lot. In this competitive market driven world, most people often forget about the serious consequences of working in poor environment and putting unwanted pressure on their muscles.

Many have a misconception that since they work hard they need no additional care for their muscles. It is a completely wrong notion and medical science has amply proved that people who work harder should be more careful. For them proper rest in between and physic exercises are recommended. Another group we see is about those who lead a couch potato lives. They never bother to work out properly and they degenerate their muscles and after a short period they become victims of musculoskeletal diseases. People who work on computer or other light machines should find time to strengthen their muscles that support them to work on and by that they can prevent serious musculoskeletal diseases.