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Is There A Cure For Retinal Diseases?

Published at 02/06/2012 17:53:41

Retinal Disease

Retinal Diseases is a common problem of blindness in childhood worldwide. Many people suffer from retinopathy and the disease can be easily cured with recognition and treatment at the early stages. Diabetic retinopathy is not a major problem that is found in retinal disease patients. Cataract operations are increasing in these years to cure the retinal diseases with the helps of most modern medial technologies. When the surgery comes from the experienced surgeon it takeout the fear regarding the complexities included in the surgery like retinal detachment and more.

Treatment of Retinal Disease

Treatment of retinal diseases helps to reduce the risk of eye problems. There are different degenerations of retina where treatment is not available till now. A perfect diagnosis with a complete explanation and a clear prediction can benefit the patients greatly to an extent and even a genetic counselling will be effective. Prevention is possible in one eye even the diseases in not treatable in the second eye. Patients with macular degeneration in one of the eyes can be given zinc and vitamin supplements to reduce the macular degeneration risk in the second eye. Retinas have been successfully re-attached in eighty percent of the patients and in case of macula detachments sixty percent are found successful.


Equipment’s reliability and availability is another issue in the case of retinal diseases and newer technology provides critical improvements. For e.g., the conventional cameras that depend on films for the images to be recorded and developing of the films are very costly. But in the case of digital cameras even though it is expensive the running cost can be reduced as it does not need a film. The old argon was expensive, bulky and delicate, but the new diode lasers are portable and strong. It is not cheap but the cost of running the equipment is very low. The main key to make the cost effective is volume. That is the cost of the treatment per person increases with the count of treatment. Equipment used for vitrectomy is expensive and is also hard to maintain. It is not only used for retinal surgery but also used for trauma, managing congenital cataract and difficult cataract surgery. Lasers and vitrectomy machines should be used only in centers where volume of patients is high enough to support the expense.

Training in Retinal Disease

Training in retinal diseases can help the ophthalmologists to identify the issue and find a suitable solution. Chances are there that retinal diseases would probably become common in the advancing world. The retinal treatment conditions are improving and it may prove very expensive even in the evolving world. Due to the technology advancement, the equipments to cure retinal disease are still expensive that generally developing countries used to adapt it. Main restriction which remains is the deficiency of trained professional. Education in ophthalmology has to frame excellent eye specialist for future to make the treatment so perfect and common. Ophthalmologists with the retinal disease training of sub-specialty standard can instruct the upcoming eyes specialist to meet the retinal disease treatment in the developing world.