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5 Common Signs Of Oak Diseases


Oak essentially is a tree or a shrub, which has over 600 species in world of plants. This tree is native to colder climate regions and has also grown in more tropical terrains. Structure of tree is spirally built with leaves wrapped around its core stem. Flower that grow on Oak trees are called Catkins and these produce the oak fruit known as “acorn”. Tree over all are of paramount importance to our ecosystem, but like other living organisms trees in this particular case oak tress tend to get various diseases. Oak diseases are fatal for these plantations and there are many types of oak diseases.


Oak trees have had their significance in many cultures and it still does. Oak is the emblem of country in Northern Ireland more over it also represents number of states in USA as an emblem. Oak tree emblems also symbolize the ranking system in United States armed forces. There are many more references that can be quoted here why this tree is of particular importance is many regions around the world. That is why a lot of work has been done in an effort to find a cure for oak diseases.


As stated earlier there are numerous oak diseases that can be named but few are very common and can be spotted with ease. Anthracnose is one of these common diseases but it tends to be affecting more of the white oak group. Signs of this disease are first spotted in early summer season. Oak trees start to have brown spots around there leaves. The manner of these spotting is irregular and it has a papery texture to it. Gradually the disease causes trees to grow fungus within the few months. To get rid of this oak killer one must get rid of all the dead leaves and twigs and spray the plant with copper fungicide. Actinopelte leafspot is one of the more lethal diseases for Oak tree. In this case too spots surface but are smaller and are in reddish brown color. Disease gets more damaging in end of summer and in early autumn. Defoliation at a large scale can occur. Oak Leaf Blister is the third disease to name. To spot this killer disease one should look at the leaves. Under this leaves develops bulges like round circles with some twists in them. Disease breaks loose in cold climate and rainy conditions. Powdery Mildew is a disease common in all oak groups. Symptoms for this particular ailment are that leaves develop faint spots on upper side of a leaf and on the lower half a white powdery growth can be seen. Fungus will be found in most cases along the border of the veins in leaves. Limb removal can help rehabilitate health of oaks spraying won’t be necessary.

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Oak diseases are of many types but can be spotted easily provided if a little attention is given to the plants. Modern study has made it easier to identify these signs and identify the particular disease an Oak tree has.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/06/2012
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