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Our body is prone to a number of diseases all the time. These  endocrine system diseases affect one or the other organ or system of the body and effect the functioning of rest of the organs too. Hence people try various ways to prevent the occurrence of these diseases to keep themselves protected and safe. Similarly we encounter endocrine system diseases too. The endocrine system consists of several organs that have a function to store, produce and secrete certain hormones that aided in performing different body functions like growth reproduction etc. If there an endocrine system disease, it disrupts the entire system of the body and as a result a number of organs are affected.


There are a number of endocrine system diseases that occur in human body due to certain factors. The most common among these is diabetes. This disease is due to the inability of the pancreas to produce sufficient insulin which results in imbalance in the blood sugar levels in the body. As mentioned earlier, endocrine system regulates the growth of people. So an excess or less production of the growth hormone can cause multiple high and slow growth rates among the people respectively. Similarly, the malfunctioning of the thyroid gland to secrete thyroid hormone causes many problems. Osteoporosis is a disease that occurs due to the less production of estrogen hormone during the menopause of women that causes the bones to become weak. The PCOS disease results in the frequent and irregular occurrence of female menopause. It occurs in women between the age of fifteen and forty five. These are some of the major diseases encountered by people having a problem with any malfunctioning organ of the endocrine system of human body.


Every disease comes with a cure. So are the endocrine system diseases that have a variety of treatment options available depending on the nature and intensity of the disease. If the symptoms of the disease are not bothering the patient then the disease does not require any treatment. But, if the symptoms are bothering the victim, they ought to be treated soon. Since most of these diseases are caused by hormonal imbalance in the body, the preferred treatment aims at correcting the imbalance. This can be done with the help of medications, therapies and in severe cases a surgery can be done too. Sometimes when the disease has been correctly diagnosed and tested, half of the treatment and problem id solved for the patient.

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Hence, it is the right of every individual to receive safe and secure treatments for all kinds of diseases. These diseases can be minor or fatal but they ought to have a treatment. Such is the condition for the endocrine system diseases that must be dealt with care. People should immediately consult a specialist in this field who can give a better treatment schedule. He must have a proper knowledge about that disease and receive adequate medications etc. This will lead to a healthy life in which a person can live his life in a comfortable way.

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