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How To Prevent Lupus Diseases

Published at 02/09/2012 18:22:03


Prevention of any diseases is a must to maintain a healthy and a balanced life, therefore it is necessary to take care of health as much as you can. Proper care must be taken to prevent any disease from attacking you. The use of antibacterial agents and basic hygiene tips can help you a lot to avoid them. If you are still unaware of the basic health tips then you must read the article till very end especially if there is something related to lupus diseases.


The first and the foremost thing for you to know is what actually the lupus diseases are? It is a self activated disease that starts in your own body, it can be very safely said to be an anti immune disease as it works opposite to the immunity. In this condition the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and hence starts attacking the healthy cells and tissues inside the body. This is majorly because of the malfunction of the immune system of the body. The major task assigned to the immune system is to produce such agents that help protect the foreign attacks of the diseases including the assault of bacterial and viral diseases. On the other hand, if a person is attacked by the lupus disease, the immune system will start working oppositely.


The lupus diseases usually attacks the kidneys and lungs but it can also cause a lot of other problems which we usually ignore thinking it to be something else, whereas it is lupus in fact and is killing the healthy muscles all the same. It causes inflammation and it starts attacking the tissues of heart, lungs and kidneys majorly. Here are a few tips to prevent lupus disease to attack your body. First of all we will talk about the ways in which we can minimize the effect of this disease using some specific nutrients in our diet, although it is not enough but it can help a lot if you go and consult a doctor for this as well.

The first and the foremost tip are the addition of sulfur rich components to your diet. It is an essential part of your nutrition as it helps take care of the connecting tissues and muscles. As lupus directly attacks tissues and muscles, it will be a good practice to add a lot of sulfur to your diet. Sulfur helps making up your bones and strengthens them, thus decreasing the possibility of attack from the lupus. The Foods which are rich in antioxidants may help to prevent the damage to your muscles, bones and organs. Antioxidants are defined as the nutrients that waste away the surplus oxygen molecules when they are in a need to attack and wipe out healthy cells. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin A may also help regulate immune-system function. Antioxidants are found in citrus fruits, kale, spinach, avocados, pomegranates, blueberries, cherries, tomatoes and blackberries.

Tips and comments

There are a number of other imperative essentials that as well help in the prevention of lupus. The first thing is to take a lot of rest, and then you must avoid direct sunlight as it is harmful too for the patients with lupus. Quit smoking as it weakens your tissues thus inviting the lupus attackers. Make it a regular thing to exercise and look for what you eat.