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Treatment Of Connective Tissue Diseases

Published at 02/07/2012 04:33:53


Getting ill is not a pleasant feeling. It creates a sense of irritation and annoyance. If the symptoms keep on recurring, it may be a cause for concern. Most people get a disease known as a connective tissue diseases. This is the disease that has connective tissues of the body as a primary target of pathology. These tissues in the connective tissue diseases are the structural portion of our body that essentially hold the cells of the body together. This tissues form a matrix for the body. The connective tissues are composed of protein molecules known as collagen and elastin.


Treatment Of Connective Tissue Diseases

Connective tissue diseases are genetic and are often passed down from one generation to another. The date of its discovery has no known dates but the disease was recognised from early times. This disease has symptoms that are common to other diseases, so often it was mistaken for other illnesses caused by bacteria.


Connective tissue diseases can be cause for concern. The main symptoms for this disease are the following:

This disease shows his symptoms on the skin. A malar rash appears on the skin which first appears across the cheeks. Digital skin ulcers also appear which are apparent at the tips of the fingers, red and purple spots appear as well as photosensitivity develops.

The eyes also get affected by this disease. They can become inflames, dry and conjunctivitis can also occur. The salivary glands are also affected, the mouth can become dry and salivary gland can become enlarged. The lymph nodes and spleen also get enlarged.

Breathing can become difficult with this disease as it affects the lungs. Coughing, wheezing and sharp chest pain also appears. Connective tissue diseases affect the heart as well as there is shortness of breath and a condition of angina. This disease has a significant impact on muscles as it can make the muscles weak, painful and inflamed. The nervous system is also greatly affected by this disease as the patients suffering this disease can suffer from seizure, nerve damage known as neuropathy and altered mental status. Another symptom of this disease is painful urination.

Tips and comments

Connective tissue disease is a genetic disease. It occurrence cannot be stopped but it can be controlled by taking certain measures. Common natural remedies are used to treat or reduce the symptoms of connective tissue disease. Eating right is a must if the disease is to be controlled. Ample amount of fluids is necessary as well a healthy intake of vitamin C. When the symptoms first occur, they should not be neglected as that can prove to be fatal. A doctor or a physician should be consulted promptly. If the disease is diagnosed at early stages, then the treatment should start right away. After this a full recovery can be made. Exercise is also necessary as well as physical therapy. The environment should be kept healthy and productive in order to reduce any signs of depression. Social interaction is also healthy for the mental health of the patient.