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How To Protect Yourself From Diseases Of Blood


Diseases of blood are no different than diseases affecting any other part of the body. The basic objective of any disease remains the same; destruction of the body. Diseases of blood can, like other diseases, be categorized by the severity of pain that is caused by the disease. However, this is not always recommended since every person has a different description and threshold for pain. The most well known disease of the blood is Anemia. Anemia is a disease affecting the red blood cells, the key component of the blood that carries oxygen to different parts of the body. A basic understanding of how the blood in our body operates, and what it is comprised of, helps to wrap your head across how lethal any disease can be, and increases your understanding of the precautions that should be taken to avoid contact with the bacteria or virus responsible for causing it.


Diseases of blood and other diseases have existed for as long as humans and have appeared in different forms or through different channels over time. Due to great advancements in modern medicine, we can safely say that most diseases are now extremely curable, and if not curable, then at the very least highly treatable in the sense that a disease that would have resulted in the eventual loss of life a hundred years ago can now be treated so that its symptoms subside, leaving the patient with a healthy outlook and with much improved quality of life. Indeed there still are diseases that manage to beat us at our own game; these are the ones that a cure still has to be discovered for. Nonetheless, with continuous advancements in technology and medicine in particular, our future seems to look very promising. Not so long from now, we will be able to successfully cure diseases that we cannot cure today.


Some diseases of blood are known to occur due to mutations in genes that result in the wrong production or loss of production of a key element required in an essential biological process. In some cases, blood diseases are caused due to exposure to chemicals or bacteria that multiply until they have spread all over. Mutation caused diseases of blood are almost impossible to protect yourself from since they were sort of pre-programmed into you, but diseases caused by chemicals such as bacteria or viruses are very easy to avoid by taking the necessary precautions. In general, if there is a virus outbreak, cover your face so you do not inhale the faulty chemicals through your nose or even your mouth. Do not come into contact with those that are already suffering from the disease, and if you must, then remember to wash your hands immediately. During times of outbreak, do not choose to dine outside; cook at home and minimize the use of ready-made food items.

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The general idea behind the prevention of diseases of blood is simple; avoid contact. If, however, you were born with a disease such as Anemia, or Thalassemia, then the best odds you have at living a healthy life are decided by how much our modern technology can do to help. In most cases though, it is usually a lot.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/07/2012
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