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Know About The Symptoms Of Vaccine Preventable Diseases


There is a great debate occurring worldwide these days as to whether or not the use of vaccines is proven to be safe, since many governments and nations are being allegedly blamed for the illegal addition of immunological adjuvant in the vaccines. More and more people are reading about it through various sources on the internet and discovering that there is a population reduction program at work and that the uses of vaccines have been cleverly shaped as a means to introduce harmful chemicals into innocent people. While this great debate remains active, there are hundreds of people already losing their lives with or without the population reduction program playing its part. Some of these deaths are caused by vaccine preventable diseases that as the name suggests, could have been prevented had a shot of vaccine been administered beforehand. Evidently, it seems that every new technology that is introduced is first blamed and scrutinized until we humans are proven wrong and are made to realize that it is indeed for our betterment. Vaccine preventable diseases are for a fact known to be preventable if the right vaccine is injected ahead of time.


The very first vaccination is known to be performed by an English doctor named Edward Jenner. From the list of well known vaccine preventable diseases, polio is one for which the first vaccine was developed by Jonas Salk in 1952. With the advancement of time, several vaccines have been developed and are administered to children right after birth to keep them safe and healthy. The vaccine helps the human body to develop the right kind of antibodies to fight off the disease, if it ever does enter the body; thus keeping the person safe from the disease his entire life. This is remarkable since it subtracts the need to contract the disease in the first place.


Unfortunately though, there are still some diseases that vaccines cannot be created for beforehand and should be contracted at least once to develop the antibodies for. An example of this is chicken pox. In general, if a person has had chicken pox before, there is a great chance he or she will not get the disease again. As far as the symptoms of vaccine preventable diseases are concerned, they are known to vary since every disease presents in people through various symptoms and two diseases are not expected to present in a patient with the same symptoms in general. Chicken pox, for instance, presents with red spots developing all over the body, but polio or poliomyelitis, on the other hand, is a disease that affects the nerve cells found in the spinal cord and the brain stem.

Tips and comments

In case of a person that has already contracted any of the vaccine preventable diseases, the use of vaccine is futile. Depending on the severity of the condition, a proper course for treatment should then be followed. Regardless of what symptoms are present or not, the most recommended first step is to have the patient examined by a proper physician, the very first instant, since the value of human life is far too much to wait and see if the person gets better on his own.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/07/2012
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