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How To Discover And Prevent Aquarium Fish Diseases


Just like humans catch a number of diseases, so do animals. And among animals, pets are prone to various ailments. Aquarium fish are kept by many people in their homes. Along with this the aquarium fish diseases arise. These diseases are very harmful to their health and can even cause their deaths at times, bringing loss to the owner. Thus in order to prevent the occurrence of their illness the owner must be aware and be able to diagnose that disease. Once he has knowledge about the aquarium fish diseases, he would better be able to take care of them and provide them with a proper treatment to help prevent their occurrence again.


Mostly the aquarium fish diseases are an outcome of the stress on the fish. It may be due to the presence of micro organisms that contaminate the water in which they live off the food that they eat. The time when the fish are most vulnerable to be stressed is when they are shifted from a breeding farm to a retailer who does not know how to take care of them properly. Also, different species live in different kinds of water. The pH level of water, level of carbon dioxide and oxygen determine the living conditions for the fish. If they are kept in the wrong environment, they would suffer. Moreover, if there is an addition of new specie in the aquarium like lice, leeches or a new fish, it can cause harm to the already living fish. Change in the climate also affects the fish life. In case of an extreme cold weather like snowfall, fish are under stress. Another very important factor is the lack of nutritious food given to the fish which will increase their susceptibility to the disease. Some of the common diseases caused in the fish include the white spot disease, anchor worms, a hole in the head disease, skin and gill flukes.


A person will come to know if his fish has caught an illness if he observes it carefully from its slow movements, heavy breathing and brushing itself with certain things. All these are the signs that a fish has caught an illness. In order to prevent these aquarium fish diseases to occur, one must have a know how of how to reduce their stress. This can be done by knowing about the specie that you are purchasing. Also one should have a thorough knowledge of its requirements like environment and food. The fish must be subjected to a clean and healthy environment that is free from harmful species. Also when introducing a new fish in the aquarium, make sure that it is quarantined and does not cause any harm to the fish that already reside in it. These measures can help prevent the illnesses.

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Hence, the prevention of aquarium fish diseases has become a necessity nowadays. One must be able to take care of the diet, environment and health of his pet fish. This can only be done by keeping a regular check on the fish.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/06/2012
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