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About Signs And Symptoms Of Devics Disease

Published at 02/12/2012 09:09:38


About signs and symptoms of devics disease:

What is devics disease?
Devics disease is also called as (NMO) Neuromyelitis optica. It’s an inflammatory condition of central nervous system causing damage to myelin which is the covering of nerves, so affecting optic nerve (vision in eye) and spinal cord. Hence it results in temporary or may be permanent, unilateral or bilateral. Regarding central nervous system problems weakening or paralysis in body parts such as limbs might occur. Bowel or bladder dysfunctions are among common manifestations. Its two types persist in general population, first tend to affect optic nerve and myelin and occur in episode while recurrence is rare. Second form has recurrent episodes of neuritis or myelitis. Sometime the disease is called devics syndrome.


How devics disease occurs?
Devics disease is an inflammatory condition involving focal segments of central nervous system; it results due to inflammation of optic nerve and myelin sheet. While devics syndrome is auto-immune etiologically, it also affects optic nerve and myelin sheath of nerves. Vision loss, incontinence and paralysis are due to inflammation hence loss of function of nervous tissue. It can start after an upper respiratory infection. MS and lupus are closely associated. Health professionals are working on understanding the devics disease underlying pathology. It must be recognized and met early so as to avoid the permanent damage.


Recognize devics disease:
Devics disease is an inflammatory condition just like multiple sclerosis. But these two are quite different ailments. Devics disease can be misdiagnosed as MS so it is important that this condition must be distinguished properly. Optic neuritis causes ocular pain especially with movement of eyes, gradual loss of vision occurs in addition to inability to see and distinguish colors. Optic disc is swollen. Due to myelitis: the back pain or pain in neck starts early in disease. One may feel his limbs as numb or tingling and burning sensations. Difficulty with bowel and urinary habits are the worst problems, a patient of devics disease patient may have. Constipation is also a problem. In MS early stages show these signs and symptoms too but can be distinguished on several facts that MS is a generalized disease while NMO is focal. MRI of brain can be used to distinguish between the two. On a lumbar puncture, spinal fluid doesn’t show antibodies in case of devics disease. Protein levels are also raised. Usually the signs are bilaterally present. Usually devics occur after 40 years.

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More about devics disease:
No evidence on genetic predisposition is recorded in association of occurrence of devics disease. Asian and African races are more predisposed. An auto immune basis is known to be the most important cause. Antibodies are also detected in devics disease. Some chronic illnesses are also linked with unspecific ally diagnosed case of NMO. Blood tests, MRI and lumbar puncture/spinal tap help in diagnosing. Devics cannot be prevented as such although its relapse can be prevented by immunosuppressive medication, steroids, supportive treatment and taking rehabilitation. Complications are breathing distress, depression, paralysis, loss of vision and sexual dysfunction.