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Women Develop Alcoholic Liver Disease More Readily Than Men?

Published at 02/16/2012 01:42:53


In these recent times it is undoubtedly that women who consume much alcohol end up destroying their liver more readily than men would. Their patterns though are different from those of men especially when we look at the amounts, type of drink as well as the frequency. Their bodies react to the alcoholic drinks and also have severe effects more than a man would complain to have. There is however some reasons you ought to know as to this. Below, is a comprehensive cover of these reasons citing various conditions that a woman would be prone to if she decides to consume alcoholic drinks.

Reasons why Women Develop Liver Conditions More Readily Than Men

Scientific insights have proven that women begin to have alcohol related conditions at lower levels of drinking more readily than men. One major reason they have stressed on this is the weight. On average, it is for sure that most male drinkers have more weight than their counterpart females. For the fact that the alcohol content disperses in the body waters and also pound for a pound, the bodies of females usually have less water than males.

After an evening drink, a woman and a man with the same weight and same level of drinking with certainly not have same alcohol concentrations in their blood. The concentration of the woman’s blood will be higher as compared to that of a man hence exposing her to many risks.

When discussing about why women usually get alcoholic liver disease more readily than men it would be a great idea to link the biological differences in them. Talking of this, the major contributors are the hormones. Women usually have a more hormone action than the men.

The liver diseases that are women are more readily exposed to than men is the alcoholic hepatitis. This condition is actually life threatening. When left untreated in females it can lead to liver cirrhosis. The reason why females are more readily exposed to this condition can also be attributed to the difference in the reactivity between these two sexes.

Another reason why women are more readily exposed to liver conditions than men as a result of alcohol is the physiological impairment. The entry into treatment and also the onset of this behavior of drinking is more readily in a woman than a man. Despite women having taken less alcohol than men, studies have shown that they often experience more impairment in their physiology. This drinking may however be telescoped or accelerated in the females.


It is advisable for a normal averaged weight woman to avoid consumption of alcohol. As per the above points you can see clearly what an exposure they are rendering themselves to. They should not think just because their husbands are taking this amount of alcohol so they are also capable of taking the same. That would be really a mess; the truth is that they would be exposing themselves to liver conditions more readily than their husbands. If you cannot avoid taking alcoholic drinks, and then take about 7 drinks per week. If you are a woman, you should also limit yourself from taking any more than 3 drinks per day.