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Is Dehorning Goats Dangerous And Inhumane?


Animals have emotions and feelings too. If you are planning to dehorn a goat it is surely going to be dangerous. It may even take away one’s life!! Dehorning is done with the aid of a hot iron and it is done to a small kid who is not more than a week old. This has to be done carefully in order to avoid damaging the brain of the kid and above this proper care should be taken in order to avoid any possible postoperative infection.

Then why is necessary to dehorn the goat? Well it is done mostly in two cases one being the need to dehorn when a goat is kept in a milking line. This is because occasionally the goat’s horns get stuck in the milk line and hence they need to be removed. Moreover the other reason is that whenever a goat is kept inside the house it has to be dehorned in order to prevent injuries to other people and animals.


Generally disbudding is done due to the above given reasons but many people misuse the dehorning practices just in order to fetch better prices for their goats. The goats are harmless and timid animals and their horns are their only way of protecting themselves. It is not only harmful but inhuman practice too to dehorn a harmless goat. People tend to be very cruel sometimes and go ahead and dehorn goats just to suit their own whims and fantasies.

The horns are useful to the goats for many purposes such as:

They are useful mainly for the defence of the goats against predators as they cannot run fast and do not have any other source of defence mechanismThey are cooling devices for the goats when the weather is really hotGoats have got their horns which give a sense of direction to them


Dehorning of goat’s horns is a cruel action altogether. It not only reduces the safety of goats but exposes them to lot of other dangers too. When the goats are dehorned the inner blood supply is exposed to the outside and hence this leads to drastic infections of tetanus. This infection may give the goats a serious infection which may sometimes be life threatening too.

Hence it is the prerogative of people working for animal rights to take bold steps to curb the dehorning of goats. This is a very cruel act and it is better to kill the goat than to dehorn them and make them to lead a life of m3ntal disparity and torture. People should learn to practice co existence with the goats if they want the timid creatures to be in their barns or for that matter in their farms.

Take care my friends and stop dehorning of goats!!

Tips and comments

  • HUman beings should be compassionate to animals
  • Goats have their horns to defend themselves and hence they should not be cut
  • in dire need of dehorning clinical procedures should be followed in order to prevent infection.

Goats are timid and harmless creatures who give us meat and milk and they owe some respect from humans too.

By poetry, published at 02/22/2012
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Is Dehorning Goats Dangerous And Inhumane?. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.