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What Are The Causes Of Foot And Mouth Disease

Published at 02/20/2012 23:55:31


Pain and disease in any part of the body can be very frustrating and can make the person agitatedy. Hand, foot and mouth are the most commonly used parts of the body, and that is why they are more prone to diseases and infections. Hands are used to do most of the things and feet are used to travel from one place to another, whereas mouth is the source from which we intake our food. Thus, pain or infection in any of these parts can be very painful and can render the person unable to do some of the most basic things. In this article, some of the basic information regarding the causes of foot and mouth diseases will be discussed.

There are many infections that affect the foot and mouth of a person. Some of these infections are caused by bacteria and fungi. Inflammation in mouth may lead to other various diseases and it may lead to sub acute bacterial endocarditic (BE) and glomerulonephritis(GN). Same is the case of foot, if it is not kept clean then it may attract fungi and lead to foot problems and infections.

One of the most widespread mouth diseases is known as hand-foot disease, in which people develop a sore throat, have fever and blisters form inside the mouth. It is a contagious disease and can be caused by unhygienic water and surrounding. Generally, foot and mouth disease can be caused by many reasons and may result in either minor or major problems depending upon the intensity of the disease. Normally, teeth and gum are affected due to these infections and it is very rare that tongue or the lower part of mouth is involved in this infection. One of the causes of infection is the abnormal growth of candid fungus in our moth, digestive tract or skin.

Another reason for mouth diseases is an overgrowth of yeast. Two common forms of viruses that are widespread, happen to be the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) type -1 and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-2) tyoe-2. Beside this, some doctors also say that safe oral sex should be performed, because viruses can be caused from unprotected oral sex. Intake of unhealthy and bacterial food is another cause of mouth infections. Coming to the foot case, one of the reasons for foot diseases and pains is the usage of uncomfortable shoes. Pain in feet normally starts from toe because that part of our feet is the most affected one when we are wearing a shoe that does not fit properly. Apart from this, diabetes and contaminated water also causes foot infection. Some people may experience pain in their feet due to high levels of uric acid in their body.


Once we know the effects of foot and mouth diseases, on our daily life, it should be clear to us that care is better. Because if we take care of our health and wash our hands, feet and face regularly then the chances that we would get mouth or feet disease gets lower. Furthermore, footwear should be selected very sensibly without compromise on comfort. Lastly, if you feel any unusual pain related to your foot and mouth, then you should visit a doctor without further ado.