What Is the Most Common Bird Disease?
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What Is the Most Common Bird Disease?

Published at 02/16/2012 02:00:22


What Is the Most Common Bird Disease?

Just like human beings get sick, birds can also get infected. This infection causes bird disease. Some of these diseases are similar to each other and can only be identified by professional vets. Furthermore, some fraction of these diseases can also be transmitted to humans. Some of the basic symptoms of bird disease are behavior changes, reduced appetite, unusual dropping and shedding of feathers. But it might become difficult for owners to actually detect these illnesses in birds because they are genetically programmed to hide them. If you are keeping a bird as a pet then it is your responsibility that you provide it with a healthy environment and also take care of it medically.


What Is the Most Common Bird Disease?

Birds can get diseases like we as humans get them. They can catch a cold and if healthy food is not provided to them then they can easily get other types of diseases. Every owner should be aware of the common bird disease so that they are able to keep their birds and eventually themselves away from illnesses. A prompt visit to the vet on the initial signs of weakness of your pet bird can help a lot. Good hygiene with a proper healthy diet of nutrition is the basic requirement of every bird.


What Is the Most Common Bird Disease?

Some of the common and well-known bird disease is Psittacosis, and also others like PBFD, Candida, Polyomavirus and PDD. Proventricular Dilatation Disease (PDD) also known as Parrot Wasting Syndrome is common among parrots only, and the way this PDD is infected from one bird to another is still unknown. In this disease birds vomit, lose weight and there is a change in the color of bird dropping. This disease is fatal and there is no known cure for this disease. Another disease which is in the form of bacteria is Parrot Fever which is also referred to as Psittacosis. In this the bird has difficulty in breathing and there is inflammation. The bird also does watery dropping and the reason why this disease is dangerous is because it can be transmitted to other animals and humans as well. In Candida, the digestive system of birds experience an overgrowing of yeasts which results in throat infection, vomiting and a loss of appetite. For this disease medication is required. PBFD is similar to Psittacosis but it mostly targets birds that are less than 2 years old. Another disease is Papillomas, which causes small tumors on the skin of birds and it is not harmful unless and until the bird is plucking its feathers from its body. Besides this, contaminated water and food can cause Pacheco’s Disease which is a Herpes virus and it is contagious.

Tips and Comments

When we take a look at the usual symptoms of a bird disease we can easily say that the normal symptoms of almost every disease are loss of appetite, vomiting and unusual bird dropping. Whenever you observe any such symptom in your pet bird it is advised that you go visit a vet without delay, because some of the viruses are contagious and can affect human health as well.


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