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How To Treat Elephantitus


Elephantitus is a disease which is characterized by the thickening of the internal tissues of the body. In this disease the skin and the underlying tissues of the skin swell up to a really big level. The swelling is basically caused in the lower region of the body which involves the legs, the genital areas and the feet. The lymphatic region of the body is majorly infected. Elephantitus is really painful. There are treatments which have been introduced by scientists and they are being used to treat this disease. There are also ways by which people themselves try treating the disease.


Elephantitus was first found among the residents of Africa. Because Africa is an under developed country, many diseases start and thrive in the African climate. Elephantitus can be treated with the help of anti-filarial drugs, which can treat the swelling of the body. The use of these drugs is usually successful. These drugs include diethylcarbamazine, ivermectin, etc. Many people use the drug albendazole mixed with diethylcarbamazine and ivermectin to treat Elephantitus. This treatment varies in different parts of the world because of the distinctive climate variations.


There are also ways to treat the disease of Elephantitus by using surgical means. The surgery can help the infected people treat the problem of swelling and also the problems that occur in the scrotal areas as a result of this swelling. Elephantitus is caused by the infectious elements and the bacteria which cause irritation and then the swelling afterwards. In this disease what people can do is wear shoes and clothes that completely cover their infected body part and do not let their feet to be exposed. This way, the feet will not be in contact with irritants such as soil that might irritate the skin of the foot and then cause disease to become even more severe. The other thing which must be kept in mind to treat Elephantitus is staying clean all the time. Hygiene is of utmost importance. They must also try to wash their bodies every day no matter what. People must also try to clean their feet after they take off their shoes and socks. They must clean their feet by soaking them in sanitary, warm water for quite some time and use antibacterial soap to make sure that the feet are clean and absolutely free from any sort of contamination. After thoroughly cleaning your feet with soap and water you must apply the ointment that is recommended by your doctor and then wear this ointment for the time you wear your socks and shoes and the wash your feet in the same way once you take off your shoes again.

Tips and comments

Elephantitus is an extremely painful disease, and it can be an extremely prolonged one too if not treated with the appropriate ointments and the proper treatment. There are many safety measures, which help people from avoiding this disease and these preventive measures basically include the proper cleaning of your body. Cleaning plays a vital role in the treating of Elephantitus.

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