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Tips For Buying Shoes & Clothing


Some of us love shopping for shoes & clothing, whereas some of us absolutely hate it. Regardless, of whether you're a shop-a-holic or not, there are a couple savvy shopper tips that could be useful to practically any shopper. There are plenty of ways to avoid over priced shoes & clothing, keep within your budget and still look like you just stepped out of a Hollywood movie set.

Step 1

Make a List Of What You Need Ahead of Time: When shopping for shoes & clothing, it's always smart to make a list of the items you need ahead of time. If you need business attire, then stick to only putting business attire on your shopping list. If you need gym clothing, then stick to only writing those particular items on your list. When you plan ahead, you are less likely to buy unnecessary things when you finally get out to the mall or store.

Step 2

Check Out Store Website's For Deals and Coupons: Every week, we get circulars in the mail for our favorite shoes & clothing stores. Checking out the circular's can really help you out, because then you will know which stores have sales for the items you're looking to purchase. Typically, big sales go on around the holiday's or even during semi annual or annual store sales. If you don't end up getting a daily or weekly newspaper, then the internet is your friend. All you need to do is browse your favorite online store's official site and see what weekly specials they have going on. Some people also prefer actually shopping online for shoes & clothing than visiting the actual store.

Step 3

Visit the Clearance Section: The clearance racks aren't necessarily filled with last season's styles. In fact, they sometimes have some great bargain deals on shoes & clothing that still remain trendy. They are also filled with timeless pieces like denim, boots, sandals, chamosiles, tee shirts and pajamas. You can really luck out, price wise, if you stick to clearance racks, especially if you're on a tight budget.

Step 4

Learn Where to Buy Designer Clothing & Shoes For a Discounted Price: So, you're looking for a designer brand of heels or a designer pair of jeans. You don't always have to buy directly from the designers website or from an expensive mall boutique. There are so many known department stores that have exclusive deals with designer labels, that sell designer shoes & clothing for a fraction of the cost. Stores like Burlington Coat Factory and Kohl's are prefect examples of this.

Step 5

Buy The Right Size and Don't Shop According to Your Mood: When shopping, make sure you always try on the shoes & clothing you've got your eye on. Sometimes people shop according to their weight loss goals or to help their self esteem. When buying shoes & clothing, make sure you always try on the outfits and/or shoes, to make sure they fit, look good and suite your personal style. Don't buy something just because it helps you cure your boredom. Also, do not ever buy something a couple sizes too small, thinking that you just need to lose a few pounds to fit into it.

Other Tips

If you're on a budget and consider yourself thrifty, you should think about selling your used or older clothing to a consignment shop. Therefore, you won't have a over haul of shoes & clothing taking up your closet and you'll have extra money to spend when going out to buy new shoes & clothing. You also could get together with friends who wear the same sizes as you and exchange or swap some clothing items, therefore everyone leaves with a 'new' outfit or pair of shoes.


Shopping can be a ton of fun, depending on who you are. When shopping for shoes & clothing, just stick to your list, mentioned above. You don't need to buy out a whole store, you just need the necessities. Another great idea is to work with what pieces you already have. There are probably a ton of great outfits you can make with what's already in your closet.

By Nicole Marie, published at 02/28/2012
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Tips For Buying Shoes & Clothing. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.