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How To Reuse Old Clothes To Create New Clothing

Importance of Clothes:

Clothes clothing is one of the most basic needs of human being, and it is essential to protect them from adverse weather conditions. To understand the importance of clothing in different culture one has to analyze the real meaning of a cloth. A cloth is defined as a material which is used to cover the body of a human. Many cultures have introduced clothes clothing in their own way and for their own reason, but the reason that has been found common among all culture is the body protection. 

Step 1

The research and studies conducted on different clothing material conclude that clothes not only protect the body of the human, but also provide distinct identity to him or her. Along, with giving the identification the clothes are also used to hide some part of the body, which are considered bad to expose. 

Step 2

People from all over the world use different kind of clothes to serve these purposes. However, the way they wear the clothes depends upon the specific culture, religion and atmosphere. The research shows that every year ton of new clothes clothing are bought and used by the individual so with such large consumption, there should be a mechanism of reuse or recycling.

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Clothes Recycling:

The concept of clothes clothing recycling is not new to the world. Since the discovery of different clothing material people are using the method of recycling. The most common method used to reuse the old clothes is re-stitching and designing. This way of reusing the old clothes to create new clothes can even be seen in our own homes as when our mother alter their old outfits and make something new for us.

Step 4

Way to reuse the old clothes to create new clothes:

Here, we will discuss some steps that can be followed to reuse the clothes clothing to create new one. Old clothes can easily be renewed by adding new things on them like embellishments and cuttings. Moreover, changing the color of an old clothe can also give it a new and refreshing look. Cutting and re-stitching the old cloth on a new and unique pattern in another way to create a new piece. 

Step 5

An individual can also reuse the material of clothing for creating beautiful accessories like the head bands or bandanna. Depending on the material of the cloth they can be reused for making head and hand coverings. Along with different clothing, many other items like toys, baskets and collage can also be designed from old clothes.

Benefits of using old clothes to create new clothes:

By reusing the old clothes clothing for creating new one individual can save a lot of money. Moreover, the recreating process also brings out the creativity of the person. Recycling clothes provide a sense of achievement and improve the morals of the individuals.

It also reduce the wastage in the environment and helps in keeping it clean for our coming generations. Also, this recycling can help the creative people in earning for them.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/25/2012
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