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Clothing: How To Accessorize Dresses

Published at 03/13/2012 00:55:57


Shopping is a girl’s hobby that most girls consider a sweet temptation. Starting off when we were just little girls asking our parents to buy us various toys and clothing dresses and then when we are starting to grow up we would learn to save our allowance to be able to buy the articles of clothing we like. Eventually we ended up landing a job and would then spend most of our pay check on clothing dresses temptation in every store window. However to decrease splurging on getting new dresses, we can always try and be more resourceful in some way and save rather than buying new clothes every time.

Step 1

The first step is to pick out which clothing dresses you used the least in the last year. It is a waste to just leave the unused clothing to rot and take up space in your closet. Give it to your local charity so it will be put to much better use.

Step 2

With the clothing dresses that you have chosen, you can try and accessorize them by adding small details here and there. Sometimes you might want to add some trimming to a few places or add more curves and details by sewing them in place. A patterned dress would be nice by adjusting the trim and on plain clothes you can add other small details like laces or ribbons. Just don’t overdo it as it might get too heavy for the eyes and turn you into a walking fashion disaster.

Step 3

Not only can you add details in your dress but you can also try and match it up with different articles of clothing as well. A short dress with leggings, heels and something to cover your top such as a cardigan would be a nice combination. Spread out the contents of your closet and dresser to see which articles of clothing would go well with others. You would be surprised that some clothing dresses when pieced together would look nice after all. The key is to go wild and be creative.

Step 4

Adding jewelery can help you accentuate your overall look even if you just put on a simple dress. Chandelier earrings would have a more dramatic impact due to their size and a wrist full of bracelets can give your simple look more texture and color. However, for the more casual look, put on only a few bracelets, smaller earrings and a slim chain around your neck and let your clothing dresses do the talking.

Step 5

Top the look off with a hand bag. The bag is an accessory for the clothing dresses that one would easily tell what is up in one look. A large slouchy hobo bag can give off the feel of a casual and goes well with those loose casual dresses that are comfortable, especially when you intend to go around shopping a lot. A smaller bag with more structure will actually give clothing dresses a more elegant feel.


Some tips that you should remember in accessorizing your clothes such as your clothing dresses is that you should not overdo it. It may be nice to put together all your favorite clothing and accessories together but the key to pulling off a good coordination of clothes is not to overdo it. Try and do dress rehearsals at home on your free days and then plan when you would want to wear them.

Sources and Citations

There are a lot of other sources you can come to in accessorizing your clothing dresses like the internet. The internet can give you a lot of ideas and show you co ordinations that you can apply to your clothes. You can also ask other people like your friends for their opinion and if the combinations of clothes you pick out are nice enough.


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