How To Choose Accessories For Clothing
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How To Choose Accessories For Clothing

Published at 03/01/2012 09:35:50

It all Starts With Understanding Clothing Accessories

How To Choose Accessories For Clothing

Clothing accessories today come in so many styles, colors, and patters that the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding to your fashion wardrobe. A new belt, scarf, or bag can brighten up a dull wardrobe and make it new again. Adding bold colors and patterns to your basic pieces can totally change your wardrobe without shelling out big bucks for new clothes. If you know what style you like and can pick up on some of the latest trends, you too can look stylish in no time with new and fun clothing accessories.

Step 1

Belts are great clothing accessories that many women tend to overlook when looking for new wardrobe add-ons Belts have come a long way from the boring leather numbers our mothers wore. There are chain belts and rhinestone bling belts. Some belts are large and chunky, while others take a more flowing look and hang low on the hip. Many women take these clothing accessories for granted. Belts aren't just about the standard buckle, but can be made of fabrics and wraps and other materials that can make a boring outfit totally transform.

Step 2

Jewelry is one of the most used accessories but now the newest trends are more bold. Ladies are choosing bold bead looks with different necklaces being used together to create dramatic looks. Earrings have also greatly evolved and go from long dangly earrings to bold and edgy. The key to using jewelry is not to go too far in your pairings. You want balance. If you choose a bold necklace, then underplay your earrings for a balanced look. Jewelry is a clothing accessory that no true fashion diva can live without.

Step 3

Hats are becoming ever popular with women these days. Hats can be a wonderful clothing accessory if your hair is having one of it's moments or if you just need a bold statement without too much fuss. You can find hats in all types of styles that fit from the casual look to the formal. Work with different styles and colors to play up your fun and flirty side. You will be surprised at what a cute hat can do for an outfit.

Step 4

Every woman loves the clothing accesorries shoes. From the strappy high heel to the chunky boot, the shoes do make the outfit. Sometimes the perfect outfit can be ruined by a pair of shoes. It is best to pair your shoes in new and unique ways. Don't just wear those boots with pants, try pairing them with a flirty skirt. Don't get stuck in the tennis shoe routine, even in jeans. A strappy sandle can bring a jean outfit from boring to fabulous.

Step 5

Tights and leggings can add new clothing accessories that are both young and flirty. Many style of tights have unique prints and colors that can dramatically change the tone of an outfit. Try pairing up bold patterns with that basic black outfit. This is way to have fun without too much of a fashion risk. Clothing accessories can truly be the fun part of dressing up if you know what pieces to choose.


How To Choose Accessories For Clothing
  • Find fun and funky pieces that pair well with your outfits.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Don't overuse the accessories.
  • Add boldness one piece at a time.
  • Clothing accessories do not have to be expensive to look stylish.

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