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Fashion Tips For Staying on Top Of Clothing Trends

Published at 02/24/2012 20:22:20

In the 21st century, fashionable dressing, keeps you on the frontline of a number of areas in your living style. Admit it or not, clothing fashion is your first impression at any important event, and can make or break you, if your style statement sends the wrong signal. Since fashions keep changing all the time, it is important to know how to look trendy and chic without spending a fortune. It is always a treat to watch fashion shows which showcase beautiful clothing fashion letting you stay in the loop of what is ‘in’.

Step 1

The copycat style:

Chances are that the scoping you do on the streets provides a bewildering assortment of fashions, some of which are ‘in’ and some which have been around for a colourful innings and are now on the brink of going ‘out’. Needless to say clothing fashion which assumes so much importance internationally is not an inexpensive pursuit. 

Step 2

If you are compelled to follow every fashion trend that rules the season, you will be soon start spending a fortune on clothes that may not even wear well with your figure or body image. So cut your clothing fashion according to your cloth. All said and done, shows, magazines and the Paris- Milan circuit, are helpful only to an extent.

Step 3

Create your own style statement and win accolades.

The best idea is to create your individual look, based on some thoughtful research. More than your face shape, hair style and figure your image about yourself is important to carry off any design with a tasteful élan. This is what clothing fashion is all about. Find out what kind of dress compliments your figure. 

Step 4

Buy one in a color that suits you rather than wearing the hottest color of the moment, which dulls your complexion instead of adding that sparkle and glow. Create a new look in clothing fashion. Now accessorize it with a scarf that is in the trendiest color, or a waistband in fashion which can be worn with a number of outfits. Customize your hairstyle, accessories, and make up to match your image and confidence levels.

Step 5

Be your own model, show off your personal style:

Your comfort levels in fashion attire will catch on to your friends. You can combine current trends and come up with new creations that no-one but you know about. Splash them around and enjoy the attention they are bound to get. The biggest names in the designer world, have never been afraid to experiment with clothing fashion and such experiments have won them fame and money. 

You too can innovate for sheer fun and become your very own icon in clothing fashion. If printed fabrics are’ in’, and black leather bags are the rage in accessories, you can print suitable designs on the black leather and create a fresh look that is ‘in’ and that your friends will love.

Wear casual not to go wrong:

Whether the fashion gurus or celebrity style icons prescribe it or not, casual is best for comfort in any situation, and well tailored casual is every fashionista’s delight. Team up dress slacks and casual tops for a shopping spree or get-together with friends. White and black combinations are right for both formal and casual wear in clothing fashion for both women and men. Choose jackets in soft greys and blues to match with the rest of your ensemble. All said and done, there’s no limits to the world of clothing fashion and with a little smart thinking on your feet you are set to set the trendy apparels line on your own!



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