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Top Trends in Boys Clothing


Visiting a store you will be amazed to see how efficiently clothing boys are shop with confidence and the manner at which this boys roam in this store. Boys have their style and brand, you see many going for Disney product while some others just simple have good nice brand. Boys fashion trend follows generally with fashion style; collections in the clothing boys’ line are mostly influence by social activities through celebrities in such cycle. Most of clothing boys’ choice is centre on music, football/soccer, and tennis among others.


Football wear has now become absolute influence on clothing boys, depending on whose fan one is will determines the primary sports stamp, T-shirt are worn and names of football stars like Lampard, Henry and many others are just common names found printed on backs of boys shirt. Not left out are baseball caps with various styles like cowboy hats, dough rags, and some likes bush hats. This trend is also seen with music cycle as most boys emulate and take most of the music star as their role model and want put on what they see them wear, this explain why clothing boys wear big baggy shirt touching kneel; some prefer oversized T-shirt, While some go with pant or baggy shorts and a sneaker to match. Many have large shirt with various thug of cartoon version, commonly are characters like Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny. Not left in this trend are a skinny tight jeans or slim fitted jean, all this are to look like this stars. Most clothing boys’ stores are stock with this design so getting it is not a problem.


Generally clothing boy’s wears, goes beyond the sport and music fashion trend, a summer wear for that boy can just give a nice straw hat, with light microfibre a not too stiff wear and hand strong footwear can just go with a hostile environment. Boys like illuminating colours, shining and bright and boys’ likes action and army as this is reflected in their choice for army camouflage and navy sample shirt with naval ranks designs. A jacket or nice blazers with jean are common style for casuals with some boys who would want to look mature although this is not much an outdoor wears it seen commonly in parties. if I was to give my kind of clothing boys wear and explaining a nice gentle guy I would say the choice for clothing boys should be a slippers with straight jean for gentle and easy guys, while if you want to be an hip hop trendy guy then you can go for the conventional music, sporty trendy wear.

Tips and comments

Boys’ have their own fashion sense and style which changes with social change especially with music and sport trend, thus understanding this will give a fashion design and stores the right sense of making what will sell in a clothing boys’ store. Most clothing boys’ manufacturers are getting aware of this trend and fashion style targeted toward meeting this demands.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 02/23/2012
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Top Trends in Boys Clothing. 5 of 5 based on 10 votes.