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How Clothing Size Is Determined


Not one person desires saggy jeans or a too tight T-shirt, that's why it’s fundamental to know your particular clothing size. But, have you ever wondered how they determined that neat little number situated on the clothes tag? Well, in this article, we will demonstrate how US clothing sizes are determined, and additionally, from this you could discover your own accurate clothing size.


Before the invention of standardised clothing sizes, everyone used to either make their own clothes or gain the services of a professional tailor to make their clothes for them. This was completely overturned when the home economics division of the U.S department of Agriculture (U.S.D.A) conducted a colossal survey on women's body measurements. This survey lasted the duration of two years and involved fifteen thousand American Women, additionally, with each individual having fifty-nine different measurements conducted on their body. This collection of measurement data was converted to a standardised size system, which is a slightly altered version being used in this present day.


To find out a woman's clothing size, three different measurements are needed; these are taken from the chest, waist and hips. The measurements are conducted with a dress maker’s tape measure, which is a skinny, plastic variant.

To begin with, we measure the chest area, standing with feet together measure across the fullest part of the chest, under the arms and straight across the back area. Now for the waist region, to get the most accurate results, the stomach should not be pulled in or pushed out, it should be in its natural state. Once this is achieved, the tape measure is placed at the natural waist line, which is just above the navel, and is looped around the waist. The final measurement needed to discover a woman's clothing size is the hips. Standing with the feet together, the tape measure is placed on the hip bone, enfold it around the hips so that both parts are in contact with the hip bones. From these three measurements a clothing size can be ascertained. This is done by looking at a clothing sizing chart where you match up all your measurements to the corresponding size.

To determine the clothing size of a male, a different approach needs to be taken. Below we have listed what needs to be measured for this purpose. These measurements are again conducted with a dress maker’s tape measure.

First, the neck size needs to be measured; this should be conducted at the base of the neck. Next, the sleeve measurement; the models stance for this measurement should be that his arm is bent and his hand on the hip. Whist, in this pose, another person should measure from the middle of the nape of their neck, around the shoulder and ending at the wrists bone. Now let’s move on to the chest; this should be conducted at the largest part of the chest. It can be done by placing it under your armpits and past the shoulder blades. The waist measurement is the same as in the women's version. To end with the inseam measurement, this is done by taking the tape measure from the groin to the ankle.

Once all these measurements have been conducted, you should be able to discover your clothing size via the same method for the females by looking at a clothing size chart.

Tips and comments

Remember that clothing sizes differ by country, so if you need this information, be sure to acquire a sizing conversion chart.

If you want to discover your clothing size, it is a smart idea to acquire the assistance of a friend. This will ensure that all measurements will be accurate and done properly.

By Athena Rhodes, published at 03/02/2012
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