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How Women's Clothing Size Has Changed Over the Years

Published at 02/23/2012 16:20:44


For decades, women have been self conscious in everything about them, from their weight, attire, make-up to fashion trends. Every now and then changes are inevitable. As they say in fashion, today you’re in, the next day you’re out. This statement has become a living standard for almost all women around the world. It is without a doubt that change is now the latest trend. These changes cover everything from hairstyles, make-up and including women’s clothing size. Today, the smaller your size, better compliments you receive. This has brought upon numerous standards of beauty and wellness. How women’s clothing size changed this way? A further explanation will be give to you with in the later paragraphs.


In the history of clothing industry it is noted that traditionally long before the period of civilization, women’s clothing size vary depending on their measurements. Meaning, all clothes worn during that era are custom made. Basically, there is no known women’s clothing size at that time. Clothing sizes became famous upon the entry of ready to wear clothes, in the early 1900’s. The determination of women’s body measurements was conducted by the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) and was then standardize to different clothing sizes. This became the most important tool of the clothing industry. Up until today, changes have been made by various fashion designers to suit their latest fashionable creations.


Knowing that women’s clothing size begun when ready to wear clothes was made, understanding how these changes occur would fully explain to you how fashion designers come up with today’s size. The traditional clothing size for women was based on the hour glass body type where in the bust and the hip is proportionate with one another. The waist line is small, forming the hour glass shape. However, upon various studies, only 8% of women have this body type. Today, most women are taller with a bigger bust or hips. With that, another women’s clothing size was made by obtaining the average size of women of several body types. Now that overweight has become a vanity issues, the clothing size of women changed from 8 to zero. As you can observe today, zero is the ultimate size. Most women target sizes from zero to two to belong in the majority category. With that, health and wellness issues have become popular and a new standard of beauty and sexy was created.

Tips and comments

Today, most of the people in our society dictates that women’s clothing size greatly affects how a person sees you. This has made everyone vain especially when it comes to physical appearance. However, this may be the standard of living today but if you cannot incorporate health in current state it is worthless. Women’s clothing size is just a tool clothing manufacturer’s use in order to bring forth clothes that would fit the majority. This should not be used as a criterion for judging beauty. Nonetheless, always keep in mind that whatever clothes you wear, as long as you picture yourself beautiful that would be enough.