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Published at 02/27/2012 04:55:19


Clothing is the basic thing that reflects one’s personality and is the first impression for a person because as we have usually; in fact, I always heard the quote “First impression is the last impression," we have to definitely pay loads of attention towards our outwear clothing.

It is very necessary for us to pay quite a lot of attention and devotion towards choosing our dress, accessories and shoes. Besides paying consideration only towards wearing the best, we must also take care of the fashion trend for outwear clothing. The general conception is that only women are the ones who have to keep a close watch over the fashion trend, but I believe that this is a very wrong conception; besides women, men and kids must also keep a track of the fashion trend.


The trend for outwear clothing differs from season to season and also on a yearly basis. The trends are different for women, men and kids. The general fashion is changing a lot globally; men try to dress more like women and women like men. The same trend is being followed by the brands Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, and others. The result is that we now see more manly shirts, pants, hats, boots, shoes, etc. for outwear clothing.


I will be discussing some of the trends for women outerwear clothing. Skinny jeans, printed tights, short length skirts, graphic-design tees, stylish scarves, long frocks, frilled skirts, long skirts are all on the top list of fashion trends. For summers, the colors that are preferred are usually bright and eye popping like red, orange, yellow, and others.

However, for fall and winters, the typically reserved colors are black, brown, navy, cream, dark violet, etc. but this fall and winter the designers have used sunny and bright hues like crimson, neon orange, purple, sky blue, etc. Leather pants and jackets are also a fashion statement. Long and short coats, trench coats are also very in nowadays.

Tips and comments

The fashion trends for men outerwear clothing are quite interesting and attention grabbing. Men outerwear clothing is quite rich in texture, colors, styles and fabrics. Different designers have used different materials and different hues and all have combined to give a huge range to men outerwear clothing. Crouched trousers, single and double breasted jackets, military-style suits, bold pockets are some of the trends for outerwear clothing. Leather dresses are also the fashion statement. Velvet is also being used by designers beside the luxurious fabrics like cashmere, fur, leather, and calfskin. Heavy knitted sweaters in bold colors are quite big this fall and winter. Brands like Missoni, Junya Watanabe, Versace, and Hermes presents such outwear clothes. Turtle necks are also the trend this season.

Trends can easily be seen by going to different runway shows or searching over the internet. Magazines of different designers are also very helpful for following trends. Getting dressed according to the trends builds up your level of satisfaction and confidence. So be trendy!


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